This blog chronicles my letterboxing adventures. It includes posts that share my travels that are letterboxing related, the letterboxes I have found and planted as well as the people I have met along the way. There are also photos included to help give a complete picture of the fun I had.

Thursday, December 29, 2011

Lunch and a Letterbox

Today I had lunch with Astro D and rubberpeace - it was a great visit and lunch at Back Street Bistro. Before I left home to meet them I got an email from Astro D to bring my letterboxing things so that we could go and find a new letterbox (Song of Ice and Fire: House Stark) that was placed just before Christmas by BirchMoon. So after eating we headed to Pueblo del Sol Playground. We first went with rubberpeace to find a letterbox that both Astro D and I had already found - Pueblo del Sol Playground letterbox. Once she had stamped in and gotten the box rehidden we followed the clues to the Song of Ice and Fire box. It was a short walk on a snowy and icy path to the box. We found it quickly and backtracked to a bench to stamp in. After we all had gotten the image and left our 'sig stamp' image in the logbook I went back to get the box hidden again. We returned to the car and rubberpeace made a suggestion that we get together monthly to go letterboxing. She is planning an outing for January, I am working on an overnight jaunt for February and Astro D will plan something for March. We will see how this works - I think it will be fun and give us letterboxing fun to look forward to. We also talked about T.A.L.E. 9 - Get Wild. This is the annual Texas letterboxing event they hold every year the first weekend in March. Astro D is already signed up and rubberpeace and I are both seriously thinking about it - oh, who am I kidding - we are both going to be there as well. So now I am working on that trip. I always love attending these events - the Texas letterboxers are so friendly and I always have a good time and find some great boxes.

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Snowy Letterboxing

Today I had lunch with Astro D and we had decided to go and look for a letterbox after eating. The box in question is a mystery box. We knew it was in Santa Fe but the rest was a bit of a problem. Well I should be a little more clear in this - I was having a big problem figuring this one out. When the clue was first published on AQ I printed it out and started to try and figure it out. I never got anywhere with the clue. Astro D emailed me a couple of days ago asking if I wanted to go look for this box and when I told her I hadn't figured it out she told me she had trouble as well but wrote the placer and she got a couple of hints back. She emailed me those hints and I tried to figure it out. I came up with some stuff but not everything and I wasn't even sure that what I had was right. So when we met for lunch we talked about it and I did have a small part right but not much and with out a little help from Astro D I am not sure I could have found the box. But we headed out to the place and followed the rest of the clues and found the box covered with about an inch of snow and a couple of rocks that were frozen in place. After I kicked the first rock loose the other rocks moved easily and there was the box. We took it to a large flat rock that was snow free and stamped in. It was a nice stamp and an interesting clue. So after stamping in we put Arkham City - Riddler back into its hiding spot and called it a day. I love letterboxing with friends and had a great time today - thanks Astro D.

Saturday, December 17, 2011

A Quick Letterbox Find

This past week has been very busy and I haven't had much time for any fun so today while out running errands I decided to take a little break and look for a box. This box was planted back in November and I didn't have time then to go and find it because Thomas and I were getting ready for our trip to Florida. The box is Tree Ornament Box placed by BirchMoon and ArnoldZiffel and was placed at the Santa Fe Community College. So I pulled into the parking area and then started following the clues. Right off the bat I had trouble - I couldn't find the sculpture that was in the picture in the clue. But in the end nothing mattered. Because I turned around and I saw the box just sitting on top of a retaining wall. When I walked over to it I noticed lots of cigarette butts all around and it looked like someone had moved the rocks that were suppose to be hiding it. So I grabbed the box and walked over to the next building and sat at a table to stamp in. This box had five small stamps in it and some round cardstock. The idea was to take a piece of cardstock and stamp the stamps on it to create an ornament. Then you take the cardstock home and put a string or hook on it to finish it off. The clues also stated that you could add a stamp to the collection if you wanted. So I stamped in and added a little stamp to the collection. Then I went to rehide the box. I moved all the rocks and tried to make the hole a little deeper to get the box to be less noticeable. I had a little trouble because the ground was frozen. I was able to make it a little deeper but not enough to really hide the box. It is better than when I found it but it isn't great - I really hope this box lasts. I did notify the placers and hopefully they will go and find a better spot. Anyway, it was a nice letterboxing outing and I enjoyed the box.

Tuesday, December 06, 2011

Letterboxing - Universal's Islands of Adventure - 2 for 2

Letterboxing in the theme parks has been a very hard test. There are so many people around and all coming from different directions as well as seeing you from up above or down below if there is a hill or ramp around. But today when Thomas and I visited Universal's Islands of Adventure we found two out of two letterboxes. Not sure why both were still there and in good shape but they were. And today wasn't very crowded (at least not when we were looking for the boxes) and we found both of them without any problems or without having to wait a long time for the area to clear. We found Boy Wizard by papertrail and Luna Lovegood by Roots and Shoots Redmond. Both of these are hidden in the newest area of IOA - The Wizarding World of Harry Potter. And both are hidden in the same area - they are actually only about 20 steps from each other. The walkway where these are hidden could possibly be very busy at times as it is the exit area for one of the rollercoaster rides. Luckily for us today was a very quiet day in the park. I am glad I got these two stamps as Harry Potter is one of my favorite characters, books and movies. Thanks for the boxes guys.

Sunday, December 04, 2011

Letterboxing - Hollywood Studios - 2 for 6

Very difficult to look for and find boxes at these Disney Theme Parks. Today I looked for a few boxes while walking around Disney's Hollywood Studios. In between rides and shows we would look for boxes. But with so many people around it was hard. Our first attempt went well. We went to see when the Indiana Jones Stunt Show was scheduled and found the area pretty empty of people. So we went in search of WDW's Hollywood Studios. It was an easy find and I sat and stamped in on a nearby bench where no one could see me - unless that is where there were hidden cameras. After this box was in place we went on visitng the park. After riding Twilight Zone's Tower of Terror and Rock 'n' Roller Coaster we searched for two boxes in this area. We didn't find either one of them. One was velcroed to the underside of a fence - I found the velcro but no stamp. The second one we didn't find any sign of the box and we ended up looking in three spots because I wasn't sure of the location from the clues but still came up empty handed. After this failed attempt we decided to see one of the shows and after that looked for another box in route to another ride. This one we found but it took a little while. I had to study the map of the park and look like I was trying to figure out where to go next because there were just too many people in the area. While I was doing this I kind of looked around the area and spotted the camo box. When the coast was clear I grabbed it and stamped in. When I went to put it back in place there was no one around so that was easy.

On to the last two boxes. The next one was hidden around the Animation area. We followed the clues but the end was a little sketchy and the area was busy but I still sat on the planter ledge and gave it a try. I came up empty handed so Thomas gave it a try and he also came up empty handed. Time to move on - lots to do. One more box near a car stunt show. The show was over but there were cast members picking up things. We waited until they left and then I ducked behind the bushes and searched around three trees but did not find the box. Oh well, I guess two for six isn't bad - at least I found two. I have decided I will not ever hide a box in a theme park - just too many people and too manicured for a box to stay put.

Saturday, December 03, 2011

Letterboxing - Animal Kingdom - 0 for 4

We spent the day at Disney's Animal Kingdom today and I had clues for four boxes here. We started at the beginning - just as you entered the park you looked for some landmarks and followed clues to a box very near the entrance. We looked but didn't find. So we continued. The next box we looked for was in the vicinity of The Tree of Life. Not right near it but a little ways down the road. Again after searching we came up empty handed. We continued our visit of the park until we came to the next area where there was a box. So we followed the clues, found all of the landmarks but again no box. We still had one more but it was on the other side of the park and we said if we got there we would look for it but no special trip just for the box. We did make it to the area of the last box at the end of the day but again we didn't find it. For these four boxes I am sure we were in the right spot for each of them but they were gone. The clues were straight forward and the areas were easy to find but no boxes. So we found 0 of 4 boxes. So far on this trip we are 6 for 24 - pretty bad! We are not giving up though. I still have some clues and we are here until Friday morning, so who knows - maybe we will find a few more.

Friday, December 02, 2011

Letterboxing - Epcot - 6 for 15

Today we were at Epcot and I had clues for 15 boxes. One set of clues was for a series of 11 boxes, one was a series of two and the other two were single boxes. We started by looking for the series of 11 boxes which is called The World Showcase. Each of the boxes was placed in a different country. The other boxes were in various countries so I marked which ones were in which country and we headed out. In between seeing shows and looking around we searched for boxes.

We ended up going in the opposite direction than the clues only because we entered the World Showcase in that area. We entered into Canada first and looked for the box there - it took a little patience but in the end we found it - this was a box from the World Showcase series. And while I was stamping in Thomas noticed a woman reading a paper and looking around so he asked her if she was letterboxing and she responded with a hesitant "Maybe!". They introduced themselves as The Treasure Seekers from Ohio. We talked for a bit and then Thomas and I left them to stamp in and we moved on. In Great Britian there were two boxes to look for - one from the World Showcase and one from another series called A Christmas Carol. We didn't find either box. They were both in the same area which had a bandstand, a small hedge maze and some sitting areas. There weren't too many people but it wasn't empty either. Both boxes were placed near these large columns that were part of a decorative wrought iron fence. You had to reach in between the decorative wrought iron and find the box. Neither Thomas nor I could get our arms in enough to actually search for the Great Britian box for the World Showcase series and the box from A Christmas Carol series was in an area that was blocked off with Christmas decorations and a set up for Father Christmas - so no boxes found in Great Britian. Moving on we looked for two boxes in France. Both were in the same area - one from the World Showcase Series and a single one. We found the France box for the World Showcase Series and sat on a bench to stamp in - then I put the box back in place and read the clues for the second box. But I wasn't able to look for it because Cinderella showed up and the area was packed with people right where I needed to look. So we just skipped that box. Next stop in Morocco for another of the World Showcase boxes. I sat on a bench in the area where the box was suppose to be and read the clues and found the spot I needed to look in and just as I was heading to the spot a couple came and sat down in the area. I waited a little while but they didn't seem to be leaving so I took my things and went and sat right next to the area and casually reached in and searched for the box. I was looking in the opposite direction so I only had feel to go on. I didn't find the box and I didn't want to be too obvious so we just left and went on to the next one. We were now in Japan. We followed the clues and hit a road block - literally. They had blocked the path (in three places) with large wooden walls that were braced and held in place with cinder blocks so we couldn't even get close enough to look for the box.

So we continued on. The next stop was the United States. We found the first landmark and then from there just looked for the next landmarks. We spotted the what we thought was the right area but there was no way to get to it. There were strollers (two deep) lined up along the fence we needed to get to where the boulder was that hid the box. There was also a cast member who was dealing with the strollers so we had no chance at this one. Next was Italy. The area was really crowded because there was this little show going on - which in the end helped us because people were watching the show and not us. Fortunately for this box we were able to sit right near the spot and reach behind the fence and grab the box without being noticed. I stamped in right there and then replaced the box before moving on - this was one of the World Showcase series boxes. Now we were in Germany. There was one box for the World Showcase series, one for the A Christmas Carol series and a single one. The first one we looked for was the single box - I found a landmark that fitted the clues but there was no box there so we continued around the building looking for that same landmark and we found it but we weren't able to get to it because there was a large group of people waiting in line to take pictures with Snow White (too bad the evil queen didn't succeed with that poison apple) - so no box found there. Then we looked for and found the box from the A Christmas Carol series - thankfully this was in a quiet area with hardly anyone around and it was kind of hidden out of the way. After stamping in and replacing the box we went in search of the World Showcase box. We found that one as well even though it was in a more open area but it was also kind of hidden so I didn't have too much trouble retrieving and rehiding the box. Before we left Germany we checked to see if Snow White was gone but she wasn't so we decided it wasn't worth the wait so we made our way to China. There was an acrobatic show going on in the pavilion so we had to wait a few minutes before we could look for World Showcase box here. When we finally got the chance to look for the box we came up empty handed. We had two more boxes to look for from the World Showcase series. Now we were in Norway and we followed the clues and found the spot. I sat down next to the landmark and reached in (all the way to my elbow) but did not find the box. By this time it was dark and it did me no good to look into the spot - all I can say is thankfully nothing bit me. One last box in Mexico. We found the first landmark, then the second and then the third. I had to wait a few seconds for the area to clear and then I quickly reached in and found the box. I took it to some steps out of the way to stamp in and then replaced it.

So we only found six out of 15 boxes. It is really hard to be stealthy in Walt Disney World so we had to forgo looking for a few of the boxes and I am sure that some of the ones we looked for were missing due to the busyness of the area and the large amount of people present. Anyway, I can now saw that I have found letterboxes in Florida - the 34th state that I have found boxes in.

Thursday, December 01, 2011

Letterboxing - Disney's Magic Kingdom - 0 for 5

Today we were at Disney's Magic Kingdom. I had clues for five boxes and I had marked them on the map when we first arrived at the park. So when we were in a area that had a mark for a box we took the time to look for it. The first ones we looked for were around the area where Pirates of the Caribbean ride is. One of the clues (which showed two boxes) had you look for the pressed penny machine in the gift shop that had a roof on it. We found a machine but it didn't have a roof and there was on box around it. We even asked a worker (oops! sorry - I mean a cast member) if there was another machine in the gift shop - and there wasn't - so no box or boxes. Next we went outside the gift shop and went around the side near some bathrooms and looked for another box. We followed the clues but had a little trouble looking for the box because it was such a busy area. Thomas and I took turns looking but people kept watching us so eventually we gave up looking for the box. So 0 for 3 at this point.

The next place we looked for a box was on Tom Sawyer's Island. We had to cross over Superstition Bridge and look in the middle of a multi-trunked tree. Again this was a very busy area and it was hard to look for the box without drawing attention. We sat and waited for times when no one was around but it was still difficult. We actually looked in two different places because I wasn't sure of the exact location for the clues and we found two multi-trunked trees kind of close to each other. Anyway we gave up after 15 minutes mainly because there were just too many people around. The last box we had clues for was at Cinderella's Castle. We didn't even attempt this one because there were just too many people in the area and it was awkward snooping around the place. So we ended up 0 for 5 boxes. It is really hard to be stealthy at Disney World - just way too many people.

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

A Beautiful Letterboxing Day in Albuquerque

A few weeks ago I had a letterboxing outing in Albuquerque with Astro D and rubberpeace. We had a good time and found quite a few boxes but we didn't have time to get all the boxes available. And since that time a few more boxes had been planted in the area. So last night I decided to get things together and map out all the boxes so that I could spend today letterboxing in Albuquerque.

I wanted to get an early start so that I had time to do a little hiking on the La Luz Trail. So I left Santa Fe about 7:00am and headed for the trail head. When I parked there were no other cars in the parking area and it was a bit chilly but not bad. So I gathered my things and hit the trail. This was my first time hiking this trail and I found that I loved it. The views are spectacular and even though it was a lot of work I enjoyed it. Now I did not hike the entire way up today - I only went two and a half miles up. At this point I found a letterbox and stamped in while enjoying a nice view of Albuquerque. Just after getting the box back in its hiding spot and starting my way back to the car I encountered my first person on the trail. By the time I got back to the parking area I had passed three other hikers. It was a challenging and wonderful hike and a great way to start the day. I will have to get back out there and hike the entire trail - I really think I can do it. Anyways, back in the car I looked at my map of letterboxes and headed back to Tramway and made my way to Elena Gallegos Picnic Area.

Once I paid and parked at Elena Gallegos I did a short little hike on the Pino Trail to find a box planted by Stormcrow - Whole Enchilada Fiesta. I was a nice little walk and I enjoyed sitting and stamping in while enjoying the terrific views of the Sandias. I enjoyed the letterbox and the short walk but it was time to head out again since I had a lot to do today. From here I made the short drive to Juan Tabo and the John B. Robert Dam. Here I was searching for Another Dam Letterbox placed by Jane Booth. So I parked and climbed up the dam to the top and then walked down the backside. As I descended the dam I was trying to follow the clues but at one point I got a little confused at what something meant and had to make an assumption. But in the end I thought I figured out where the box was. When I checked behind the rock I thought was hiding the box I did find a spot where a box could fit and some rocks off to the side but I didn't find the letterbox. At the spot where I was looking I was a little self conscious because there was a large two story house with the whole side facing where I was covered in window - anyone in that house could see what I was doing. Anyway, I searched around the rock but came up empty handed. I then returned to a spot at the beginning of the clue where I knew I was in the right spot and started again. I never made 100% connection with the clues so I gave up and returned to the car. I hope I was in the wrong spot and that the box isn't missing. My next stop was only a little ways down the road from the dam at a restaurant - A Taste of Italy. This also is the name of the letterbox I was looking for and that box was placed by Hi Desert. I pulled into the parking lot, which was pretty empty and looked at the clues. I parked and scoped out the area and located the box's hiding spot. I had to wait a minute or two for a car to clear the area and then I made a mad dash for the box. It took me about a minute to actually locate the box and then take it back to the car to stamp in. I loved the stamp and enjoyed stamping in. But when it came time to put the box back in place I was feeling a little uncomfortable. The hiding spot can be a busy area and I wasn't sure if anyone could see me from the restaurant or not. But I got the box back in place and headed out to my next location.

For my next stop I hit I40 and then exited onto I25 and headed south to Rio Brave. Then to Isleta Blvd. and the Gutierrez-Hubbell House. I parked and read the clues and then headed out to find the box. They have a perimeter trail that goes along an acequia with some incredible cottonwoods bordering the trail. It was only a short walk to the box - a Wronghat box called Abode of Adobe. A beautiful stamp and a beautiful location - thanks Wronghat. It was so nice to sit and stamp in among the grand cottonwoods. I didn't have time to visit the museum but I did enjoy the grounds and the letterbox.

The next location on my letterboxing map was the Albuquerque BioPark - which includes the Rio Grande Zoo, the Albuquerque Aquarium, the Rio Grande Botanic Garden and Tingley Beach. These places are all pretty close together and easy to get to from each other. I had clues for three boxes - all at different locations. I was looking for Twinville Trekkers' Beatles Series #28 "Baby,You're a Rich Man" at the zoo, trilla marion's Just Fishing at Tingley Beach and TKH's Don't Worry, Bee Happy at the Botanic Gardens. I always love the zoo so I walked around and enjoyed what few animals were out and about and then looked for Baby, You're a Rich Man. I didn't find it and I am pretty sure I was in the right place. I was really disappointed by this because I am really liking the Trekkers' Beatles Series. I then left the zoo and headed to Tingley Beach. I didn't find Just Fishing. Now I was getting bummed (this was the third box I couldn't find today) - later I found out that the box had been moved and hidden in a different place and I missed the new clues. (Note: You see, I tend to print out the clues as soon as I get the notice of the box being placed - this is only for boxes in New Mexico. I save these and when I decided to go letterboxing in a certain area I pull the clues I have and map them out. I usually also go to AQ or LbNA and double check if the clues were changed - but today I forgot to do that and that is why I couldn't find this box.) So on to the Botanic Gardens for Don't Worry, Bee Happy. When I got to the gardens I went straight to the area to find this box and it didn't take me long. I stamped in and rehid the box pretty quickly. The gardens at this time of year aren't the best and I didn't really want to hang around too long. After getting this box back in place I did go and check on my box that was hidden here - BioPark. I checked its hiding spot and the box is gone. I have decided to retire this box since this is the second time it has gone missing.

Well, I still had two boxes left to look for and it was mid afternoon by this time so I moved on. I punched in the next location on the Garmin and followed the directions to Paradise Hills Park to look for Just Tryin' To Hold On by Vegaspua'a. The park was empty so I didn't have to worry about anyone in the park seeing me but I did have to watch for people in all the houses that surround the park. Luckily, the area was pretty quiet and I found the box quickly. I stamped in while sitting on a bench and enjoying the terrific weather. I got the box back in place and headed back to my car. One more box left. I now headed to Public Servants Garden of Vista Verde Memorial Park to find trilla marion's 9/11 Memorial - NM. This was a quick and easy find in a peaceful area. After stamping in and rehiding the box I got back in the car to head back home to Santa Fe. I had a terrific day in Albuquerque and found some great boxes - thanks to all the planters.

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Albuquerque Letterboxing on a Cloudy, Chilly Day

Today was a get together with rubberpeace and Astro D. We planned this about a week ago and we mapped out all the boxes available to us. Little did we know that Winter would decide to show itself today. I woke up to snow flurries and cold temperatures and was really wishing it was just a tad warmer. And most of the time Albuquerque is a little warmer than Santa Fe so I was still hopeful.

Astro D and rubberpeace arrived at my house and we climbed into my car and we were off. We made a stop just about 2 miles from my house at the 599 Rail Runner Stop so that they could get a box there that I had found a couple of days ago - Rail Runner Santa Fe. This was a quick and easy find and they brought the box back to the car to stamp in. Once they were done we made our way to I25 and headed south. Astro D looked at her list and mine as well as maps and we made a decision to make our next stop at Sandia Casino. We looked for and found Music City New Mexico, well just Astro D and I - rubberpeace had already found this one. This was a great little box hidden near the amphitheater in front of the casino and the stamp was beautiful. It was still a little chilly but better than Santa Fe. After we stamped in and rehid the box we continued a little further along Tramway to Forest Road 333 and the La Luz trail head. I was looking for two boxes here and the girls only needed one. I went in search of La Luz by myself. It didn't take long to find it but I had trouble finding a dry spot to stamp in on. As we made our way to the trail head we were driving in clouds, the mountain was socked in. So there was a mist all around and everything was wet. But I eventually found a spot and got the stamp image into my logbook. I returned the box back to its hiding spot and then returned to the car. Astro D and rubberpeace had found Sandia Mountain Series #1: Lover's Rock and had it in the car. So we all stamped in to this box while sitting in the car. We got that box back in place and it was time to head to our next stop. We drove back to Tramway and crossed I25 making our way to Guadalupe Trail and Wronghat's Dryad box. We had to find a stump and then go from there. The stump was incredible and I won't reveal what about it is incredible - you will have to go out and see for yourself. Anyway, we had a little difficulty with the clues and it took us a little while to find it. But it was worth the work because it was another great Wronghat stamp. By the time we found the box, stamped in and rehid the box it was time for lunch.

Astro D and rubberpeace had picked a place on Central called The Grove so we headed there. We had a nice lunch and a great visit and then made decisions of where we were going next. Since we were on Central we decided to head to Twinville Trekkers' Lovely Rita box. We parked on Central near 3rd Street and followed the clues to the box. We sat on a bench overlooking Central and stamped in as the traffic rolled by. We replaced the box and walked back to the car to continue our letterbox searching. Next stop was in Old Town. We went to Explora to find two boxes by trilla marion - State Fossil and Let's Explora. One box we found quickly but we had a little trouble finding the second one. It took all three of us searching to make sense of the clues and find the box. We stamped into both boxes at a picnic table near a windmill then put them back in place to continue our day. From here we drove a short distance and parked near the Fine Arts Museum and then walked to Old Town. We found the address followed the clues and nabbed the box from its hiding spot. We found a built in banquette to sit on and stamp. I enjoyed sitting in this little patio area - it was beautiful and peaceful. The box here is one of the Twinville Trekkers' Beatles Series - Michelle. By this time it was mid afternoon and we all wanted to get back up to Santa Fe. So we opted for one more box that was on the way as we headed back up north. We made our way to the San Mateo/Osuna exit on I25 and headed west on Osuna to Chappall to find Wronghat's Bike Tree letterbox. We parked and made the short walk to the only shaded area on the trail and found a neat log bench covered in all kinds of little stickers. From the bench we found the box without any trouble and stamped in while sitting on the bench. We enjoyed looking at all the stickers and the stamp that Wronghat carved. With this box back in place we were done in Albuquerque and we headed for home.

But of course, as all letterboxers do, we had to make one last stop before truly calling it a day. We stopped at the rest area just before you get to Santa Fe so that Astro D and rubberpeace could destroy one of the horcruxes. I found this box a week or so ago but they hadn't gotten it yet. They found the box and stamped in at a picnic table and then we really called it a day. Thanks Astro D and rubberpeace for a great day and thanks to everyone for the wonderful boxes we found in Albuquerque today.

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

New Boxes in Santa Fe

This morning I woke up and did a few things around the house and got some things ready for the errands I needed to run. Then I sat down in front of the computer with my coffee and read through my emails. I had an email from AQ with two new boxes placed in Santa Fe. So I added my letterboxing things to my stuff for errands and went on to finish reading my emails. I then paid a few bills and fed the dogs and then it was time to hit the road.

So time to do a little letterboxing. My first stop was very near my home - the Santa Fe County/599 Rail Runner Stop. I pulled into the parking lot and found the sign I needed and parked. I followed the rest of the clues and quickly found the box (Rail Runner - Santa Fe). I took it back to the car to stamp in. I really liked the stamp and I was the first finder, so I got a nice little certificate. After stamping in I got the box back in place and headed off to the next one.

This box took me to the intersection of Richards Ave. and Governor Miles Rd. (well, a little beyond the intersection) to a playground for the Pueblos del Sol neighborhood. I parked in the parking lot and there were about six cars already there with lots of moms and their kids. I hoped the box was in a spot that was clear from the view of everyone at the playground. So I followed the clues which took me to a walking path behind the playground. Luckily, the box's hiding spot was pretty well hidden from view. Again I found this box (Pueblos del Sol Playground) quickly and was the first finder. I took the box a little further down the trail to stamp in so I wasn't near the playground. So I sat at the edge of the walking path and stamped in. When I was done I returned the box to its hiding spot and then made my way back to my car.

It was a nice morning of letterboxing in the City Different and I found a couple of nice stamps - thanks ArnoldZiffel, I appreciated the boxes.

Saturday, October 15, 2011

A Little More Box Maintenance

For a while now I have been wanting to go up into the mountains and do a little maintenance and check on some boxes. I have boxes planted on the Chamisa Trail and the Borrego/Bear Wallow Trails that hardly ever get found. Well, that is only partially true - two of the boxes - The Art of Ebru & A Boy and His Tiger get found quite a bit, in fact they were both found today. When I got to them and checked on them I found that someone had stamped in this morning. I still made sure all the baggies were closed well and that the box was well hidden. These two were in good shape.

But before that happened Thomas and I hiked the Chamisa Trail to the intersection of the Winsor Trail near the Tesuque Creek. Near this intersection is a meadow with a large granite rock in the middle. The first box we checked on was Western Blue Flag which is hidden at the edge of the creek in a mutlti-trunked tree almost directly behind this rock. Sadly this box has only had five visitors. Now I know this is a long hike but it is an incredible hike. And you get to sit creek side and stamp in while serenaded by the moving waters. It is worth the trip.

To check on the boxes on the Borrego/Bear Wallow Trails we just hiked up the Winsor Trail until we reached the intersection with the Borrego Trail. Thomas sat in the meadow and relaxed while I crossed the creek and went to check on Bad, Bad Black Sheep. The box was in perfect condition, the baggies were sealed and the box was hidden well. This box has had nine visitors since it was planted back in 2006. After getting this box all snuggled in for the winter we headed back down the Winsor Trail to the intersection of the Bear Wallow Trail. Well, not quite all the way, about 100 steps before you reach the intersection I have Ribbit! hidden. This box only has five finds as well. I did a little more maintenance on this one making sure everything was sealed and the box was hidden well. Now that these boxes were taken care of and ready for their winter sleep (the boxes on these trails will be covered with snow all winter and thus inaccessible). So we made our way back to the Chamisa Trail and then back to the parking area - this is when we checked on The Art of Ebru & A Boy and His Tiger.

I am glad I got out there today. It was beautiful - a perfect Fall day in the Land of Enchantment. The weather was just right, a little chilly in the morning and warming up as the day progressed but it never got hot. Also at this level in the mountains we had quite a bit of Fall color - it was wonderful. And the best part was just spending the day with Thomas enjoying nature. But seriously folks - please consider going and looking for these boxes next Spring. The hikes are worth it and so are the boxes. These are some of my first boxes and carves so they are not my best stamps but the whole experience is really worth the effort. You can get all these boxes on one hike and in less than a day - just consult a hiking trail map of Hyde Park Road and you can figure out how to do it and if you contact me I can help as well. Happy Letterboxing Everyone!

Thursday, October 13, 2011

A Morning at Museum Hill

Last night I got a notice from AQ about a new box in Santa Fe hidden at Museum Hill. So I printed out the clue and put it with my things I already had together for some errands I needed to run today. And since I was going to Museum Hill there were a couple of other things I wanted to do. So I headed out early this morning and got to the parking area and there were only three other cars in the lot. I gathered my things and started following the clues for the new box - MIAC to MOSCA. I found all the landmarks and in no time I had the box in hand. I had passed a bench on the way to the box so I took it back there to sit and stamp in. This was kind of in a secluded place and was very peaceful - so I stamped in and then rehid the box.

Next I crossed the street to the overflow parking area and went to Astro D's Little Edie's HHH. I had in my possession five hitchhikers that I needed to do something with. So I got the HHH and opened it to find four hitchhikers in it (well, really three, one was a flea). I looked through them and took one and then I put four of the five that I had in the HHH. So now I have two hitchhikers to find homes for. That is a whole lot better than five. After doing all the requisite stamping I got Little Edie back into place.

I then went back over to the Hill and decided to take the short walk to check on a box I have hidden here. Happily I found it in place and all is well. I had a nice morning at Museum Hill - it was a peaceful way to start the day.

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Peaceful and Interesting

Two days ago I found a letterbox - Catch a Wave in Santa Fe - that is associated with a murder mystery called Death by Kindle. There are a total of four boxes related to this story. I found Read or Be Read back in June and then the one a couple of days ago - well today I went out and found the other two. I can't tell you where I was because both of the boxes are mysteries but I can say that I really enjoyed both spots. They were interesting and nice places. I found Catch Me If You Can in a very relaxing and serene place that was enjoyable. I sat on a bench near the hiding spot to stamp in. It was in a really nice and quite spot and I was totally by myself. Where I found HUB was interesting in a couple of ways. The history of the building was something I hadn't known about and there is some interesting artwork around the place. These were easy to find once I got to the areas and that gave me time to just enjoy my outing. If you get the chance you should read the story and the go out and find these boxes.

Monday, October 10, 2011

A Little Box Maintenance and Catching a Wave

All summer long I have wanted to hike the Hyde Park Circle Trail and check on my Land of Enchantment Series but there was always something stopping me. The boxes had been found this summer but I still felt the need to do a little maintenance. Well this morning Thomas and I got up early and headed to Hyde Memorial State Park. It was a chilly fall morning but I was loving it. A couple of days ago we got some snow in the mountains and I was hoping most of it was gone on the trail so we would have a nice hike. So we made the four and a half mile hike and checked on all nine of the boxes. I made sure everything was dry and that all the bags were sealed well and the boxes closed tightly. I also needed to add some map cards and post cards in the first box. The trail was pretty clear except in the really shady areas where the snow was lingering - fortunately it was only a light covering and we had no problem maneuvering the trail. By the time we got to the top (which is about the half way mark and is about 9200 feet elevation - a 1000 foot change from the trailhead) we took a break and had a little snack. The rest of the hike is all down hill or pretty much level. We made it back to the car and I had gotten all the boxes really well sealed and hidden. I also went over my notes so that I could tweak the clues once we got home. Now we headed back down Hyde Park Road.

Before we headed home we decided to look for a letterbox. This letterbox - Catch a Wave in Santa Fe - is one of four letterboxes associated with Death by Kindle. This is a new murder mystery, set in Santa Fe, with 'clues' planted as real letterboxes around town. I had found one of the four boxes - Read or Be Read - back in June, you can read about that one at I 'Read' Today. I didn't know about this Death by Kindle at the time so the person I thought was Postal, wasn't. Anyway, we made our way to the location and it didn't take long to find the box. I stamped in and then rehid the box. Thomas and I had a great morning hiking and letterboxing - now isn't this a great way to spend a Monday morning - much better than working.

Monday, October 03, 2011

Another Horcrux and a ?Toy?

Back to my To Do list that I mentioned in the last post - I still had some things left to take care of. Some of the things on the list were running errands. Yesterday another clue for the Horcrux Series popped up and I already had a clue for a box hidden on Upper Canyon Road so I decided I would do a little letterboxing before I ran my errands. So I put all my things for the day into my backpack and headed out. My first stop was at Genoveva Chavez Community Center. Here is where I went in search of Rowena Ravenclaw's Diadem. It was a short walk to where the box was hidden but it took me a little while to actually retrieve the box. The trail this box is hidden on is so busy. Finally, the coast was clear and I grabbed the box and sat on a bench to stamp in. Unfortunately I wasn't the first finder on this box - Astro D and The Great Wuga Wuga beat me to it. After stamping in and enjoying the early morning I replaced the box and returned to my car.

On to the next box. This one was hidden on the Dale Ball Trail off of Upper Canyon Road. I really like this area and I love this part of the Dale Ball Trail. In fact I have my Waiting on the World to Change letterbox is on this trail. I parked at the Santa Fe Canyon Preserve and crossed the road and started up the trail. The box I was looking for is called Tiny Toy Story. It didn't take me long to reach the box, it was only a little over a quarter of a mile. Once I had the box I found a nice place to sit and stamp in. I opened the box and ended up confused. Box Title = Tiny Toy Story, Stamp = store bought stamp of mushrooms, ??? = a tiny toy car and a dinosaur. Did I just find a geocache? But the name of the box on the clue matched the name in the logbook. The whole box was disconbobulated - nothing made sense - why plant a box like that? Oh, I have this stamp and I will take some paper and a couple of little toys and I will put them in a box and then I will go plant it even though nothing really makes sense - oh, but I can say I planted a box. The only thing good I can say is that thankfully it was on a fantastic trail. So after getting the box back in its hiding spot I decided that the only way to redeem this was to hike the trail a little more. I didn't get up to Picacho Peak but I got a nice hike in and enjoyed some of the views this trail has. But alas, it was time to come back to the world of being a responsible adult so I returned to my car and went on to my errands.

Saturday, October 01, 2011

Hunting a Horcrux

This morning I woke up to a To Do list that was insane. After getting three things scratched off the list I decided I needed a break. So I sat at the computer and checked my email and then went to Atlas Quest. One of the new boxes listed was in Santa Fe. So I printed out the clues and put them aside. I went back to my list and got a few more things done but the clues were there in the back of my mind. I decided I needed another break and so I got my letterboxing stuff and the clues and headed out. The box was hidden just a few miles from my house and it only took me about 15 minutes to get there. I parked, followed the clues and had the box in hand in less than 5 minutes and was happy to see that I was the first finder of this box. The box I found is Tom Riddle's Diary - the first of the horcruxes to be destroyed in the Harry Potter Series. I sat at a picnic table to stamp in and enjoy this beautiful first day of October. Putting the box back in place was just as easy as finding it which is always nice. I love Harry Potter and I am looking forward to finding all the boxes in this Horcrux series. Oh, and I did get back to my To Do List - I just didn't finish it - yet!

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Back from the Beyond

Well, I am back home after another wonderful adventure or should I say odyssey. I had a great time traveling around the midwest and attending the 2011: a space odyssey event. I met some great people and visited with some old friends - hi Front Range Hiker, deniserows and Goofy Girl. I added four new states to my list of states I have found letterboxes in - Missouri, Iowa, Ohio and Kentucky - which brings the total states I have letterboxed in to 33. I also got to visit seven State Capitol Buildings - Missouri, Iowa, Illinois, Indiana, Ohio, Kentucky and Tennessee. They were all quite different and some I liked better than others. I took quite a few photos and it took me a while to go through them so that I could put together a slide show - well I ended up with two slide shows. I did one for the trip - Missouri and Beyond and I did a second one for a sculpture garden I went to - Citygarden. And if you want to read all about my adventures you can go to Missouri and Beyond for my blog post. Now that this adventure is now history I will have to start planning my next adventure.

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Letterboxing Trip to the Midwest

Well we got home from our Alaska trip and got things back to normal and then I started preparing for my next trip. I am headed to Missouri to attend the 2011: a stamp odyssey letterboxing event. I will be doing a lot of driving and site seeing while in the area. The event is just outside St. Louis and I will be there until Sunday morning. On Sunday I will be heading to Jefferson City and my whirlwind driving tour begins. Before I return home on the 26th I will have visited seven states (four of which will be new states that I will be letterboxing in). I will also visit seven state capitols during this trip. I think it will be fun and I will try to keep up with the blog as I go along. If you wish you can follow along by going to Missouri and Beyond. When I return home I will go through all my pictures and make a slide show of the trip. Well here I go on another odyssey of exploration.

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Boxing Along I40

All day yesterday I had this feeling that I needed to get out and do a little letterboxing. But as things go I was busy all day with responsibilities (I hate when they get in the way). Then I realized that I had nothing pressing to do the next day so I looked at all the available clues that were within one day driving distance and made a decision. I was going to letterbox along I40 from Tucumcari to Tijeras.

I started the morning off pretty early, I wanted to be able to take my time and not be rushing and driving at riduculous speeds to try to get everywhere I wanted to visit. I arrived in Clines Corners around 6:3oam to begin my search for Wronghat's Worth W8ing 4. I pulled into the parking area and read the clues - I was on the east side of the building (which was pretty deserted) and I needed to be on the west side (which was packed with 18 wheelers). I found a place to park amidst all the trucks and began my search. It was a pretty easy find and I took the box back to the car to stamp in. I really liked this stamp and I was the first finder. After stamping in and returning the box back to its hiding spot I returned to my car and read the next clues - which were for Santa Rosa. Oh, and the whole time I was at Clines Corners I didn't see a single person. I assume they were sleeping in their trucks, eating in the restaurant or getting cleaned up in the bathrooms - but they sure weren't out and about. Even with all the trucks the place seemed deserted.

On the road again, I was headed east on I40 and thankfully there wasn't much traffic. I had a nice, pleasant drive to Santa Rosa and took the first exit that I came to. I followed this road into town until I came to the old, broken down and forgotten Club Cafe sign (it is ashame that so many of the beautiful neon signs of the Route 66 days have fallen into disrepair). This is where I needed to start my search for Wronghat's Club Cafe box. I parked in the lot and read the clues. I looked around until they clicked and I made my way to the box's hiding spot and viola - I found the box without any trouble. I stamped in sitting in the car and got my second first finder certificate of the day. This is a really neat stamp and a wonderful carve. Once I completed my stamping and hiding of the box I headed for the Blue Hole. Wronghat has a box here but I have found that one, this time I was searching for Twinville Trekkers' Beatles Series #19 "Fixing a Hole". When I arrived at the Blue Hole there were three people jumping in and out of the water and they paid no attention to me, so I walked around taking pictures while following the clues. Thankfully where the box was hidden they couldn't see me. So I grabbed the box and found a nice flat rock to sit on while stamping in. This is a very nice stamp and perfect for the area. I rehid the box and made my way back to the car to continue my drive east.

Back on I40 I made my way to Tucumcari. Once in town I found US Hwy 54 and headed northeast to Ute Lake State Park. The box I was going to look for was Ute Lake by Reading Rica. I have had these clues for a while so before leaving the house I checked them online. I found them in the LbNA basement and it was marked "Missing". But I decided to drive out there anyway since I had never been to the park. This box was hidden in the Mine Canyon area of the park, so I followed the directions and made my way to the parking and pay station. I read the clues and started searching - but nothing and I do mean nothing. The clues took me to a small scraggly bush and there were no rock piles anywhere around. So I did a quick systematic search working out from that bush and after 15 minutes I called it quits. I then drove down the road and went to the lake and I kind of wished I had brought my kayak - it seemed like a good spot to do a little rowing. Well time to head on back to Tucumcari and then on to my next stop - Conchas Lake State Park. From Tucumcari I took NM Hwy 104 to the park. I followed the clues driving over the dam and then turned toward the Visitors Center and the Bell Point Campground. I was looking for Somethings Fishy by Candyrae. This box is also in the LbNA basement but it is marked as adoptable and does not say it is missing. I parked and started my search. I followed each of the clues but was having trouble finding the box. I started over three times and each time came up empty handed. I then spent about 15 more minutes just seacrching all the rocks in the area but still didn't find the box. I kind of hope that someone else will go out and look for these two boxes if for no other reason but to see if I couldn't find them or if they really are missing. I have to say that I enjoyed Conchas Lake more than I enjoyed Ute Lake, not sure why - just did. Time to head back west. From the park I got back on 104 and then took NM Hwy 129 to Newkirk and I40.

Back on I40 I remembered that I hate driving that road (it is so busy and full of 18 wheelers), the traffic was pretty bad and it was slow at times (the speed of some of the trucks I got caught behind was between 60 and 65 mph). But I turned up the radio and continued my drive to Tijeras. My original plan was to head back to Santa Fe at Clines Corners but it was still early enough in the day to find two more boxes in Tijeras. The two boxes I wanted to find were both from the Twinville Trekkers - Beatles Series #22 "A Day in the Life" and Beatles Series #23 "I'll be on My Way". My first stop was for #22 - I found the location and went in search of the box. It took a little work but I found it and stamped in - and got my third first finder certificate of the day. I rehid the box and the drove to the location for #23. I was looking for a memorial on the side of the road and I was having some trouble, I passed it three times before I finally spotted it. I pulled over and parked and followed the clues to the box. Once I found it I took it back to the car to stamp in, another great stamp from the Trekkers. I think I may have stated this in another post but I really am enjoying this Beatles Series, I think there are about four or five that I still need to get. That will be another road trip. For today I was done. I decided to drive back to Santa Fe via NM Hwy 14. It is a bit slower than I25 but it is much more scenic and relaxing. I had a great day of letterboxing and enjoyed all the boxes and stamps.

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

A Little Box Check

Today I had some errands and a meeting in the morning but my afternoon was free. And since I haven't had the chance to do any hiking in the mountains I decided to do a short hike and check on a couple of boxes at the Black Canyon Campground. After parking I walked through the campground and made my way to the trailhead. I was surprised to see quite a few campers - most of the times I have been there the place is pretty empty. I walked the trail and and enjoyed the peace and quiet (even though there were a bunch of campers, none of them were on the trail). When I reached the area where ev∙o∙lu∙tion is hidden I made my way to the box. Now, this box was found just a few days ago but I had been wanting to check on it and change it from a camo bag to a Lock & Lock. I had gotten a message that one of the finders a while back said the logbook was a little damp. So I grabbed the bag and found a log to sit on and I opened the bag to check the stamp and the logbook. Both were in great shape - if the logbook had been damp it didn't do any damage - all the entries were in good shape and so were all the pages. So I moved the contents to the Lock & Lock and put the box back in place and made sure it was hidden well. Once all that was done I made my way back to the entrance of the campground.

One more box here to check on - Pin Up Stamp Swap 2: Tess. Again, this box was found a few days ago but I still wanted to check on it and review the clues. So I made my way down the trail and to the box. Everything was good except for a log that was across the trail - it is gone now, but you can still find the box with the clues. The stamp and logbook and box were all in good shape. So I placed the box back in its hiding spot and made sure it was hidden well and returned to my car. I had a nice walk and enjoyed being in the mountains. Hopefully I can find a little more time to do some more hiking before summer ends.

Tuesday, August 02, 2011

Letterboxing and Celebrating

Astro D, rubberpeace and I had a great day in Albuquerque letterboxing and celebrating. You see today was rubberpeace's birthday and also her AQ anniversary (5 years of letterboxing). They arrive at my house at around 9:00am and then it was south to Albuquerque. We had lots to talk about . . . Astro D's house remodel, rubberpeace's upcoming trip to Colorado Springs and my recent trip to Alaska, so the trip down to Albuquerque went quick.

We had decided to head to the Old Town area first to find a few boxes and then have lunch and after that we would decide what we wanted to do. So we drove to and parked near the New Mexico Museum of Natural History. The first box we looked for was one that I had already found, so I just tagged along as Astro D and rubberpeace followed the clues to find Wronghat's Spike letterbox. They sat on a nearby bench and stamped in while I walked around taking pictures. Then we went in search for Twinville Trekkers' Beatles Series #21 "Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds" letterbox. ***Here is a confession - I used the computer and google maps street view to find the location of this box to minimize our walking.*** Anyways, we made our way to the spot and followed the last few clues to find the box. Once that box was in our hands we went to some nearby picnic tables to stamp in. When all three of us were done rubberpeace replaced the box while I took a few pictures and then we returned to the car and headed to Old Town. It wasn't too hard to find a parking spot but it was a little walk to the plaza. Upon arriving at the plaza rubberpeace and Astro D searched for and found Wronghat's Old Town letterbox (I already had this one) and we found a nice shady spot to sit while they stamped in. I ended up taking a picture for some tourist (they asked if I would take a picture of them at the gazebo there in Old Town). Once the letterbox was back in its hiding spot we all headed down the street to the 'Little by Little' plaza to find Flight of Fancy by Vegaspua'a. We had to take some pictures and look around to kill a little time because there was a little tour going on. After about 10 minutes they headed out and left us all by ourselves to search for the box. We had a little problem locating the box at first until Astro D noticed another rock and she found the box. We found a bench in the shade and stamped in. We got the box back under its rock and decided it was time for lunch.

For lunch rubberpeace had stated she wanted to go to Church Street Cafe, which was fine with Astro D and I since we had eaten there before and liked it. We had a great lunch and visit and a break from the heat outside. After a leisurely meal we headed for one last letterbox in Old Town and dessert. We walked a short distance to the next location and found all the landmarks but we were having trouble locating the box. We sat at a table (in the shade) and read the clues, checked the compass and tried again. Still no luck. Then as I was walking around I noticed something that I thought could be the answer to finding the box. I ended up moving a rock and digging a little and I found the box. Which turned out to be a wet and rusted tin. We took it back to a table and after a little work I got it open. The stamp was wet and sticky so Astro D took it and cleaned it off and dried it. Thankfully the logbook was dry. We all stamped in and made sure the stamp and logbook were clean and dry. Then we made a decision and we hoped the planter would be okay with it. We put the stamp in a small baggie, the logbook in another small baggie and then both of those into a larger baggie. And then just to be sure we put all of that into another baggie. When I went to rehide the box the area was swarming with muggles. So rubberpeace and I sat next to the hiding spot and Astro D took our picture and while this was going on I was reaching down and hiding the box. Now that we had taken care of Celestini by Celestini we went for some dessert. We ended up getting chocolate and then heading for the car. Let me tell you that the chocolate was melting before we reached the car.

Our next stop was in downtown at the New Mexico Holocaust and Intolerance Museum. None of us felt like actually visiting the museum so we just went in search of the box - Twinville Trekkers' Beatles Series #20 "Give Peace a Chance". It was a pretty easy find and we ended up stamping in the car because it was so hot. We put the box back in place and then headed to Roosevelt Park to find Wronghat's Jillion Gyrations. I love this park. It is so green and full of trees, there is a disc golf course and a playground - it is just a really nice place to hang out. We found the box and sat under a tree to stamp in. We got everything done and got the box back in its hiding spot and headed back to the car. We had time for one more box before heading back to Santa Fe. We opted for the closest box and that was All Quiet by Wronghat. I had already found this one but both rubberpeace and Astro D needed to find it. So we headed to Fairview Memorial Park Cemetery and followed the clues to the box. They used the car to stamp in and then rehid the box.

We made the drive back to Santa Fe and when we got to my house rubberpeace showed me how to do her 'map fold'. This is an origami type fold that is used to take a large piece of paper and make it into a more manageable size that can be open to view the whole picture. After that they left to go home. We had a great day of letterboxing and it was a nice way to celebrate rubberpeace's birthday and letterboxing anniversary and I hope she had a great day.

Saturday, July 30, 2011

A Letterboxing Outing

Last night Thomas and I decided that we wanted to get out of the house today so we planned for a trip to Chaco Culture National Historic Park. And there just happened to be a letterbox along the way. So about 7:00am we filled our backpacks with water, trail mix, sandwiches, cheese, apples, oranges and strawberries. We also took the letterboxing stuff and the camera. I also remembered to bring my passport stamp book.

The drive was nice, I think we left early enough that we got started before most people were awake. Our first stop was in San Ysidro at the Perea Nature Trail to find Black Mesa Inbound by Birch Moon. It was a quick and easy find and after stamping in and replacing the box we walked the trail - it isn't very long so it was a quick walk. Once we got back to the car we continued our drive north on NM550 to Cuba. We stopped in Cuba to have breakfast. There was only one place open and that was Bobbie & Margie's Cuban Cafe. We had a nice breakfast and the staff was very friendly - we enjoyed it.

So now it was time to head to Chaco Canyon. Driving to Chaco isn't the easiest. It is out in the middle of nowhere and the last 13 miles or so is on a badly maintained dirt road. And today the road really felt like driving on a washboard. There were times we had to go about 5 to 10 mph because the car was shaking so bad. But we made it. We stopped at the Visitors Center (which is a tent as they are building a new one) and paid the fee and got my passport stamps. We also got a map. We then drove down the park road and stopped at the Chetro Ketl and Pueblo Bonito parking area. They had just started a tour of Pueblo Bonito so we joined in. The ranger gave a great tour and Thomas and I both really enjoyed ourselves. After the tour we drove over to Casa Rinconada Community and did our own self guided tour (there was a ranger lead tour but not until 4:00pm). It was an enjoyable day but by 1:00pm it was starting to get hot and we needed to head back to Santa Fe.

It was nice to take this little day trip. Thomas and I use to do that all the time but these trips now don't happen as often as we would like. Maybe we will try to do one or two a month and see how that goes. Anyway, it was a nice day and we got to find one letterbox.

Monday, July 25, 2011

Meeting Hi Desert

For a little over a year now there has been a new letterboxer in Santa Fe and that letterboxer is Hi Desert. Today I finally got to meet her. I had lunch with Hi Desert, Astro D and rubberpeace at Mucho's. It was nice to meet Hi Desert since I have found 12 of her boxes so far. She is so full of energy and you can tell she really loves letterboxing and has been having fun with it. She complimented all of us for the boxes we have planted and how they have entertained her through some health issues. It was a nice lunch and I enjoyed hearing her letterboxing stories and I look forward to more meetings and also to finding more of her boxes. Hi Desert, welcome to the group of Santa Fe Letterboxers.

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Lunch with the Travelin' T's

Astro D and I had lunch today with Sha and Anne (Travelin' T's) at Mangiano. They have been vacationing and letterboxing in Santa Fe for the past week. We first met them back in July 2007 when they were visiting Santa Fe. We always enjoy getting together with them whether it is in Waco or Santa Fe or at an event somewhere. We had a great lunch and visit and enjoyed hearing about their kids and sharing letterboxing stories. They have planted some great boxes in the Waco area and I love finding them. Sha has also contributed stamps for the Road Trip box that Astro D placed for my 1000th find and a stamp for Dreams of Eames box for Astro D's 1000th find. I am glad they find time to visit with us, it was good to see them again.

Monday, July 18, 2011

Home Sweet Home

After a long day of customs, airports and planes we are home. Our dogs are laying next to us and won't leave our sides. Anytime one of us moves all three of them follow. I guess they missed us as much as we missed them. I am trying to get some things onto the blog so I don't forget them but to tell the truth I am really tired. It is late and it has been a long day. The trip was fantastic - we had an incredible time, saw some amazing places, had a few wonderful excursions, experienced some tasty food and made some terrific friends. I have to say that this trip is my all time favorite and I hope the memories will last a lifetime. If the memory fails me I can always go to Letterboxing Cruise to Alaska Adventure to refresh it. You can go there as well to read about the entire trip. And if you would like to see pictures I have created four slide shows and you can find them at . . . Alaska 2011 Interior, Alaska 2011 Cruise, Alaska 2011 Ship Tour and Alaska 2011 Vancouver.

Friday, July 01, 2011

Off to the 'Land of the Midnight Sun'

I used this title for this post since Thomas and I are off to an Alaska trip. And since we are going in July we will have plenty of daylight - I think while we are there we will have on average of 18 to 20 hours of sun.

We are taking this trip as part of the Alaska Letterboxing Cruise set up by Mark and Sue Pepe. But we decided to add a couple of days to the beginning of the trip and to the end of the trip. We will arrive in Fairbanks on July 2 at about 10pm. After a couple of days there on our own we will join the group for a trip to Denali and then to Anchorage before boarding the cruise ship in Seward. The cruise goes from Seward to Juneau, Skagway, Icy Strait Point, Ketchican and then the Inside Passage before docking in Vancouver. Once off the ship Thomas and I will spend a couple of extra days in Vancouver (one of our favorite cities to visit).

I am so excited about this trip and I have done so much research and reading I kind of feel like I have already been there. I haven't planned much for our free time - we will just play it by ear and hopefully we will end up with an incredible experience. This is our first visit to Alaska and one that has been on our 'To Do' List - I am hoping that the trip is incredible and that it will entice us to visit Alaska again. If you would like to follow our trip and adventures go to Letterboxing Cruise to Alaska Adventure.

Monday, June 27, 2011

285 & 68 to Taos, 64 to Tierra Amarilla and 84 to Abiquiu

I am trying to find letterboxes in the area and get caught up on things before we leave for Alaska on Saturday. So this morning I left Santa Fe (and all the smoke) and headed north on US285 to Taos. By the time I got past Pojoaque the smoke was completely gone and I was breathing fresh air for the first time in a while. I continued my beautiful drive along 285 to Espanola and then took NM68 to Rancho de Taos. I always enjoy my drive along this route - passing through Velarde, Embudo and Pilar before reaching Taos. I stopped a couple of times to watch the people rafting on the Rio Grande and let me tell you they were out in full force. I finally arrived at my first stop - San Francisco de Asis Church in Rancho de Taos. I walked around and took a few pictures and then went on my mission to find a letterbox - Rancho de Taos by Hi Desert. It was a quick and easy find but I did have to be a little sneaky as there were a couple of people walking around the outside of the church taking pictures, but it wasn't a big problem. I retrieved the box and returned to my car to stamp in. Once I was done it was easy to get the box back in place and I was on my way.

I continued my trip through Taos to US64. I turned left here and stopped at the Rio Grande Gorge Bridge. I took a walk out onto the bridge and admired the view and took some pictures. After about 15 minutes I returned to my car and continued. I drove from Taos to Tres Piedras and through the Carson National Forest (which had a lot of dead trees) and eventually arrived at US84. I headed north to Tierra Amarilla and ended up at Heron Lake State Park. Once I entered the park and paid my fees I drove to the Brushy Point Campground West. I parked and walked down to the cove, following the clues for Kretaceous Klam by PetroPunks. It was a short walk along the lake and I found the box without any problems. I took the box and sat on an old log near the water and stamped in. It was a beautiful day and very peaceful - not one other person was in the area where I was sitting. However, there was one problem - noseeums! I hate these little buggers. With each bite I get about a dime sized pink area with a bright red dot in the middle and they itch like crazy. My ankles look horrible - all red and puffy - and I have been putting benadryl cream on to help with the itching, so it is more tolerable today. I can't believe I forgot my Off when I went left the house this morning. Oh, well. After stamping in I returned the box to its hiding spot. It was a really cool box. The stamp was mounted on a piece of stone with clam fossils on it. So after I replaced the box I walked along the shore of the lake looking for rocks with fossils. I found a few but didn't really spend a whole lot of time searching because I still had plenty of ground to cover.

Back on US84 I headed south towards Abiquiu. I made my first stop at Ghost Ranch to find Hi Desert's Georgia O'Keeffe at Ghost Ranch. This was a really quick find. I parked at the Visitors Center and walked a little ways down the road to the Ghost House and followed the clues. The box was right where it was supposed to be. I took it to the next building over and sat at a table to stamp in. Once I was done, I put the box back and returned to my car. Back on US84 and still heading south I stopped at a picnic area at mile marker 217. The picnic area was deserted and it was easy for me to search for the box - another Hi Desert box - Entering O'Keeffe Country. I found it quickly and returned to one of the picnic tables to stamp in. I didn't sit around too long because the smoke from the fires in Santa Fe and Los Alamos was getting worse and I didn't feel like sitting out in it for too much time. I rehid the box and continued my journey. My next stop was Bode's store. I parked, followed the clues and found the box - Forgot the Pickles by Hi Desert. I did have a little trouble with one part of the clue but eventually it became 'cleary'. Once I had the box in my hand and found a good spot to sit and stamp in it started to rain. Not much but a few drops here and there. I didn't care if all my stuff got wet - we really need the moisture. So I kept on stamping - and the rain stopped about 30 seconds after it started. I got the box back in place and returned to my car and put my stuff away. I then went into the store to look around. They had some really interesting and cool things - toys, cards, candy, etc. - I wanted to spend more time but it was around 4pm and I still wanted to make one more stop before returning to Santa Fe. So back on the road I drove south a little further and eventually made a left turn onto NM554 and in a short distance made another left onto CR155. I made my way to Dar al Islam and parked. The box I was looking for was Hi Desert's Dar al Islam and when I got the clues off of AQ it was marked unavailable but I decided to stop any way because I like the area - Plaza Blanca - with its white cliffs and spires. So I quickly looked for the box (and didn't find it - I really didn't look too hard since it was marked unavailable and Astro D & rubberpeace had mentioned to me that they couldn't find it) then returned to the parking area and hiked out to Plaza Blanca. It is such a beautiful and peaceful area and a great way to end my day in the Abiquiu area. Now it was time to head back to Santa Fe.

Once I got into Santa Fe I decided to go for one last box of the day before heading home. So I made my way to Amelia White Park and found rubberpeace & rbrhorno's Dessert in the Desert. I sat at a picnic table enjoying the cool early evening and stamped. I put the box back in its hiding spot and then headed home. I had a really fun day driving around Northern New Mexico and letterboxing. The next post I will make will be about our trip to Alaska - WooHoo!

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