This blog chronicles my letterboxing adventures. It includes posts that share my travels that are letterboxing related, the letterboxes I have found and planted as well as the people I have met along the way. There are also photos included to help give a complete picture of the fun I had.

Monday, December 28, 2009

Returning Home From Louisiana

We left Lafayette this morning to begin our trip back to Santa Fe. We were up at 5:30am and we got everything packed and loaded into the car. We had gassed up the car the night before so when we got the car loaded we were ready to go. We told my sister and her family bye and headed out. We stopped in Carencro to pick up my friend Eddie - we were giving him a ride back to Dallas. Eddie doesn't enjoy letterboxing so we didn't plan any stops to look for boxes between Lafayette and Dallas. We stopped once for gas and once to get a bite to eat. It was a pretty uneventful trip and we dropped Eddie at his house at about 1:00pm. We decided to stop in McKinney to do a little letterboxing - as many times as we have made the drive from Santa Fe to Lafayette we have never stopped in McKinney. I had clues for about 13 boxes and we decided to look for boxes until it got dark and then it would be time to continue our driving. We hoped to make it to Wichita Falls for the night.

Our first stop in McKinney was at the Pecan Grove Memorial Cemetery. It was a nice cemetery and we enjoyed walking around. We looked for and found two boxes in the cemetery - Old Leathercoat, Texas Governors Series and Worst Driver in the World. Two great boxes by Boots Tex and Puddle Splasher - thanks guys. From here we drove just down the road to McKinney Community Center. After parking we headed down the Nature Trail. We had clues for three boxes. We easily found Dolphin in the Creek and Folk Art Series - Quilting. There was one more box but we were unable to find Signpost #3. We did try and follow the directions looking everywhere between Signpost #2 and Signpost #4 but we came up empty handed. We retraced our steps back to the beginning of the trail and looked for another box. We found the area but it looked like it had been cleaned up and we didn't find that box either. Time to head to another area. We drove to Erwin Park and found the starting point to look for four boxes. We headed down the trail and easily found Horn 1867. Once that was replaced we continued on the trail to look for the Let's Do Lunch! Series. We found Box #1 sitting out in the open, stamped in and then rehid it. We followed the clues for Box #2 but we got confused and things didn't seem to make sense and we never found the box. It was starting to get dark so we continued on the trail for Box #3. Again, we found this box out in the open. So we stamped in and rehid the box better than we found it. We then headed back the way we came and made our way back to the car. By the time we exited the park it was dark.

We took Hwy 380 west and stopped in Denton for some food and to gas up the car. We made it to Wichita Falls and found a hotel for the night. There was quite a bit of snow and ice along the road during our drive and the parking lot at the hotel was covered as well. We heard that they were expecting more bad weather the next day. So we decided to go to bed early and get an early start in the morning.

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Acadiana Letterboxing

We are in Lafayette for the Christmas holidays and have been having a good time visiting with family and friends. I have found all of the available letterboxes in the area except for a couple. So today I took my niece and nephew (Hali and Ryan) with us to find a couple of boxes at Acadiana Park Nature Center. The name of the boxes was I Don't Know Their Names. Reading the clues I found that the placer had made notes but then misplaced them for a while. When they found them they logged the clues on AQ and they couldn't remember the names of each box. So anyway we started looking for the boxes and we had a little trouble with the first one. We followed the clues but there were some inconsistencies but we counted the steps and searched the tree we were at. We didn't find the box. We backtracked and tried again but to still no avail. We finally decided to look for the second box. As we were walking we decided to just check each tree that seemed to match the clues for the first box. Unbelievably we found the box. From this point we counted back the number of steps and found a trail, we then followed that trail and it lead back to the boardwalk. But it was at a different numbered marker - so I wondered if the placer just made a mistake with the number - anyway we found the box, stamped in and then rehid it. Time to continue on to the second box. The clues to this box made much more sense until the end. We found the trail and counted our steps but we didn't end up at a big tree, instead we ended up at a very small tree. So we searched the area where we were and then went back a little and then up a little but we never found the box. Not sure what we did wrong. I wrote to the placer and let them know what we did and I am waiting for them to write me back to see where I messed up. We all had a good time today and I enjoyed hanging out with my niece and nephew. After we left the park we stopped and had po-boys at Julien's. I had the best fried shrimp po-boy. We then returned home to just hang out - it was a good day!

Sunday, December 20, 2009

From Wichita Falls to Richardson

We slept in this morning and by the time were dressed and ready to go it was 9:00am. So we got into the car and headed to Riverside Cemetery. The first box we looked for was a Boots Tex Gorvernors Series (I love these boxes). This one was called V and was placed for Governor James Burr V Allred. We found the box easily enough and I really enjoyed this stamp. After it was rehidden we began looking for a second box here in the same cemetery. We found Where's North just a little ways away from where we were. Another nice stamp and once it was in place we headed for our next destination. We ended up at Lucy Park. We started our walk and followed the clues to Hotter 'N Hell. It was a nice park and we didn't see another person during the enitre time we were there. Anyway we walked for a short while and then crossed the river on a suspension bridge. That is where we found the box - hidden under a boulder just at the end of the bridge. After stamping in and rehiding the box we headed back the way we came and then went a little further. This time we were looking for Thing 2 hidden by Silver Eagle. While I was stamping in Thomas noticed that the tree we were sitting under was covered in mistletoe. After the box was rehidden we kissed under the mistletoe and then we both got a little nervous. We realized we were in Texas and that we could probably get arrested - two men in a park kissing - I don't think people in these parts are open minded enough for that. So we walked back to the car and headed just down the road from Lucy Park to the Elizabeth Prothro Pavillion to look for another box. The pavillion was closed and we were unable to look for the box. For the next box we drove across town to Rosemount Cemetery to look for Go, Mustangs by Batty Girl. We found the box easily enough and then headed out. The cemetery was nice but didn't have any old graves or nice statues so we moved on. Just down the road from the cemetery we arrived at Lake Wichita Park. We found Harry Potter #1, stamped in and then rehid the box. The park was okay but nothing really to keep us there. It was time to leave Wichita Falls and head south. We needed to be in Richardson by dinner.

Heading south on Hwy 287 we planned to stop in Bowie for a box by Batty Girl. We took the exit and eventually arrived at the cemetery. I found the tree in the clue and looked in the hole and found a box. I took it back to the car and got everything ready to stamp in. Then I opened the box and realized that it was a geocache. I checked to make sure there was no stamp and then went to put it back and check for the letterbox. I didn't find the letterbox so we drove into Bowie and had a little lunch. We have passed this way many times and always see the sign for Bowie and we wondered what the town was like. We stopped at a little cafe and had a light lunch and the place was filled with people who you could tell had just come from church. It was a nice little town but we didn't have time to linger. There were a few more boxes to find and then we had to get to my friend's house. Our next stop was in Decatur. We visited three small cemeteries and found three boxes by Batty Girl - Hanging Around, Texas Tea and Roamin'. They were all neat places but the last one was the most interesting. First the clue said to go to a tree behind a certian gravestone. But there wasn't a tree there, just a stump cut right at ground level. The box was supposed to be in a hole at the base of a tree behind this grave. Just for kicks I walked to the stump to check it out. I actually found the box. There was an indentation in the stump that looked like it might have been a hole. So I moved some bark and twigs and leaves and found the box. I am amazed that when they cut the tree down the box survived. The other interesting thing about this place is that it had outdoor bathrooms or so I thought. I went in one and was creeped out. It was full of bird's nest and spider webs and I didn't stay in long enough to find out what else. And I didn't go in the second one. Time to go now. From here we had no more stops so we just drove and talked and listened to CD's. We checked into our hotel and then made our way to my friend's place. After a short visit we all went out to dinner at Twisted Root Burgers. It was a nice dinner and good conversation. But Thomas and I were tired so we returned to the hotel to rest. Tomorrow we head to Louisiana.

Saturday, December 19, 2009

The Texas Panhandle

Thomas and I are on our way to Louisiana to celebrate Christmas with my family in Lafayette. This past week I was sick with the flu and we got a later start than we had hoped for. We also decided to take our time - I am still not feeling all that great. Our goal today was to get started around 7:00am and take our time, do a little letterboxing and make our way to Wichita Falls for the night. We actually got started a little before 7:00am and it was still a little dark. It didn't take long before the sun was up and we had a nice relaxing drive. Once we reached Tucumcari we started looking for an exit just east of there. Azroadie placed a box called New Mexico 66 off of old Route 66 just outside of Tucumcari. We followed his clues and found our first box of the day. I had a feeling I may be the first finder but no such luck. A couple from either TX or OK made a trip to Santa Fe to celebrate their 25th wedding anniversary and they had found it first. Oh well, so I stamped in and rehid the box and we headed for the next one. Another Azroadie box and this one was just over the Texas border near Glenrio. Again off of old Route 66. An easy find and this time I was the first finder - Woohoo! and with a certificate and all - Thanks Azroadie! After getting everything back in its place we were off again. There was nothing between here and Amarillo so Thomas and I just drove and talked. When we reached the western edge of Amarillo we stopped off at Cadillac Ranch. Back in March 2009 jbkokopelli and WagTime made a circle trip of the panhandle area to populate it with letterboxes. This stop was for one of those boxes. Thomas had never been here so it was new to him. We walked to the cars and I took some pictures. Thomas took the clues and went to find the box. I joined him once I was done with the pictures and we were unable to find the box. I hope it was just us and that the box isn't missing but this is the fourth box that I know of that was placed here and they all seem to disappear at some point. So we headed into Amarillo for some lunch. I wanted to go to Joe's Crab Shack and Thomas humored me. He got a chicken sandwich and I got crab cake sliders (yummy) - seems I have started my seafood feast for the trip. After a nice relaxing lunch and talk it was back on the road. Just a little ways down from Joe's we stopped at a hotel and found a letterbox hidden in the parking lot. A quick stamp in and then on to a gas station to fill up the car. From here we went to find another jbkokopelli box at Ozymandias. Thomas had not seen this statue either so it was a good stop. I took a few pictures from the fence and then quickly found the box. I took it back to the car to stamp in and then replaced it. Thomas and I then walked out to the legs and each took a picture standing next to them. We decided we were done in Amarillo and we headed to Hwy 287 to start heading south. Our normal route when we head back home. Fortunately for us jbkokopelli had placed a few boxes along this route so we had some breaks and found a few letterboxes. The first on this road was in Goodnight. This box was in the Goodnight Cemetery near the grave of Charles Goodnight. After stamping in and replacing the box we returned back to the highway and stopped at the Community Center for another box. I didn't find the box but I did see a paper towel scrap that matched one in the Goodnight Cemetery box so I think someone found it and messed it up. Time to continue. Our next stop was in Memphis. We went to the Old Fairview Cemetery. There is a grave plot with markers for five people - one man and two couples - all with different last names. There is another marker in this plot with no name. It is a statue of a woman in a fetal position just laying on the ground. It seems to be a mystery how this statue came to be in this plot and who put it there. It was very interesting. We found the box, stamped in, rehid the box and then took some pictures. Now moving on we drove until we reached Childress. We stopped at a small park near the courthouse and found Gene Autry in Texas. It was getting dark and we decided we were done for the day but we still had a little over an hour drive to reach Wichita Falls. So back on the road we just talked and drove. As soon as we reached Wichita Falls we found a hotel and checked in. There wasn't much in the way of food choices in the area so we opted for El Chico's and we each had a couple of tacos. Now back in the hotel we are relaxing and are going to call it an early evening. We will continue our trip tomorrow to Dallas to visit my friend Eddie.

Sunday, December 06, 2009

The Wedding Box

Today Thomas and I were invited to a 50th Wedding Anniversary party for Peggy and John (aka rubberpeace and rbrhorno). They had a party today to celebrate but there actual anniversary is not until December 27th. It was a nice party and we got to meet some of their friends and their two daughters. For the special occasion rbrhorno carved a stamp and rubberpeace hid it. She handed out the clues to each of the letterboxers present and the hunt was on. Astro D and I headed to the starting point and there were already people stamping in. So we left for a while until the box had been rehidden. We returned to rubberpeace's craft room and followed the directions. They included store bought stamps (rubberpeace owned a stamp store and she has a bunch of stamps) that lead the way to the letterbox. I thought the clues were clever and the letterbox was great. The stamp for the box was a cake with the year they were married to this year (1959 - 2009). The party was wonderful and the letterbox was a great little surprise. Congratulations Peggy and John!
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