This blog chronicles my letterboxing adventures. It includes posts that share my travels that are letterboxing related, the letterboxes I have found and planted as well as the people I have met along the way. There are also photos included to help give a complete picture of the fun I had.

Tuesday, March 08, 2016

Replanting in Better Spots

About six months ago I pulled a couple of boxes because I didn't like where they were hidden. for some reason the area where they were would hold water and dirt and mud would cover the boxes. So when someone went to look for the box they didn't find it because it had been buried. After a few attempts I went and checked on the boxes and found the problem and pulled them and looked for a better spot. I has some trouble so I just took the boxes back home and said I would try again later. Well finally I have gotten around to replanting them. The boxes are my Paws & Purrs series. they are planted near the Santa Fe Animal Shelter and are only available during business hours (there is a gate leading to the shelter that is locked after hours). I really like these carves and glad they are back in place. So I hope someone takes the time to go and find them.

While I was out in that area of town I also checked on some other boxes and updated the clues to be clearer. I walked the trail for my lionsmane's 10 Year Letterboxiversary series - this is a series of ten boxes and I think when I planted them I lost track of distance and missed some signs. So today I followed my original clues and tweaked them as needed. I also updated the clues to my Alphabetical New Mexico: Y (Yucca) box. I am glad I got to get all this done so that anyone visiting the area will have updated information. Now I have some boxes along Hyde Park Road that I need to check on but that will have to wait until the snow melts.
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