This blog chronicles my letterboxing adventures. It includes posts that share my travels that are letterboxing related, the letterboxes I have found and planted as well as the people I have met along the way. There are also photos included to help give a complete picture of the fun I had.

Saturday, May 30, 2015

The Four Corners Letterboxing Event

As usual I was up early and ready for the day - which was hours before the Letterboxing the Four Corners: Media of the Region event was to start. So I decided to head to Berg Park and find a couple of boxes before the event was to start. I went to the Tucker St. entrance to the park but the gate was still closed and locked. So I drove around the corner and parked on the side of the road. There was a place to enter the park here and I headed east on the trails.
Le Pew
As I was walking to the first box I turned a corner and about 50 feet away I spotted a skunk. I have to tell you that I think this park is infested with skunks because everywhere you go there is that distinctive odor that is undeniably skunk. When I spotted the little black and white 'stinker' I came to an immediate stop. I watched to see which way it was moving and thankfully it was headed in the opposite direction that I was headed. I waited a few minutes and then continued on my way to the box. I arrived at the area and looked for C4's Smile box. This was a quick and easy find and I found a nice spot to sit and stamp in. After rehiding the box I went to look for another box. This box was in the vicinity of where I had seen the skunk earlier. I slowly approached the area looking for anything black and white. I didn't see anything but the odor was really strong - so I decided to go back to the car and get some breakfast. I ended up at Dunkin Donuts and had a donut and coffee. When I was done I returned to the park and this time the Tucker St. gate was open and Astro D's car was parked there. As I entered the trail I didn't immediately see Astro D so I returned to my car where I had left my phone. As I was calling her to see where she was at I heard someone call out my name. So I walked toward the voice and quickly found her. She told me that she had also seen a skunk when she started on the trail. I walked along with her while she found some of the boxes I already had. Then we got to the area where I had seen my skunk and again we searched the area and when we were satisfied that there was no skunk we looked for the box. This box was Los Muertos Agradecidos: Trumpet Player. Astro D located the box and we found a place to sit and stamp in. After this box was in place we decided to head over to Animas Park and the event. We parked and headed to the event area and found that quite a few people were already there.

I spent some time visiting with people and getting a few exchanges. Then I stamped in to the event stamp and then visited with a few more people. The event stamp was fantastic - RNR did a great job carving it. There was plenty of food and some table top boxes - which I took advantage of. There were also a few boxes hidden around the event area. I found S. . . P. O. R., Tyfol Dragon Attacks Letterboxers, Table Top Food: Strawberry & Watermelon, Wildflower: Flower & Stem and 2-Lip: Flower & Stem. After a couple of hours I hit the trails with Astro D and AZJokester. I had found most of the boxes already and only needed to find a few new ones.
Astro D & AZJokester
So I mostly just walked and visited with them as they found boxes. We spent hours walking all over the park as they found boxes. As for me I found On Location: Route 66, Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid, Bar Scene, Jump Into River, Blowing Up Train and Stained Rose. We followed the trails and kind of did a circle around the park ending up back at the event area. By this time the event was over, everyone was gone and the area was cleaned up. So Astro D and I headed for our cars while AZJokester decided to keep letterboxing. Both Astro D and I were hungry so we decided to go to a place AZJokester had recommended - Serious Texas Bar-B-Q. After a nice meal we called it a day and we left the restaurant and headed for our hotels. When I arrived at the hotel I gathered my things and went to my room. I took shower and put on my flannel pj bottoms and a t-shirt and started logging my finds and exchanges. While logging in I suddenly remembered that there was a box hidden outside of my hotel. So I put on some shoes and grabbed my letterboxing bag and headed out in my pj's to find Aspen's Red Lion box. There is a walking path behind the Red Lion Hotel that leads into Berg Park and the box was hidden on the trail near the hotel. So this was a quick and easy find and once I had stamped in and put the box back in place I returned to my room.

By this time I was starting to feel tired but I wanted to get this post done. I had a great day at the event and really enjoyed my time visiting and letterboxing with Astro D and AZJokester. The Farmington letterboxers did a fantastic job with this event and I am looking forward to the next one they host.

Friday, May 29, 2015

Out and About in Farmington

Well the Jeep is fixed and working fine so I had plans to get around Farmington today. This morning I got some things ready and then I went to the hotel lobby to use their computer to print things out. While at the computer I ended up seeing some other letterboxers - Children of the Forest and AZJokester are staying at the same hotel as I am. After visiting with them for a minute I returned to my room and gathered my things and set out for some letterboxes.

My first stop was at Hood Mesa & College in the north part of Farmington. Here I had clues for six boxes and I left with only 50% of those. I found West Virginia U Stained Glass, Hercules and Nala. I didn't find 2012 Annular Eclipse, Hercules' Muses and Na na Na na Na na Na na Batman. It was a nice walk on a very quiet trail - I didn't see anyone while I was out there. I hope that the boxes I didn't find were there and I just missed them. From here I drove to Sandalwood Park and easily found BirchMoon's Hunger Games: District 12 Seal. Again I was the only person out there. I was starting to feel like I was in the twilight zone. After stamping in and replacing the box I continued on my way. Soon after leaving the park I stopped on College Blvd to find huginn's Metals: Zinc box. This was a quick and easy find and thankfully there was no traffic and I could get the box without being seen. I stamped in while sitting in the car and then replaced the box when the road was clear. Next I drove to San Juan College and had no trouble finding C4's Santa's List. This was out away from the school at the end of one of the parking areas and it was pretty isolated so I felt that no one would see what I was doing. After I replaced the box I drove and parked closer to the buildings and went in search of another box - this one is a mystery and I wasn't able to figure it out. When I returned to the car I wasn't sure what I wanted to do next so I returned to the hotel. I went over some things and decided to walk over to Berg/Animas Park. The trail from the park comes by the back of the hotel I am at. I spent a couple of hours walking around the park and I found a few boxes - Los Muertos Agradecidos, Ben-Hur, Illegal Alien and At the Movies: A Self Portrait. After finding these boxes I decided to walk back to the hotel and rest a little. I was really hot and felt tired. I walked back to the hotel and saw ArnoldZiffel, Agent 86 and BirchMoon checking in. I really think we should have gotten a group rate for the letterboxers staying here. Back in my room I ended up just sitting and reading for a couple of hours. During this time I was texting with Astro D who was out at the park letterboxing. We decided to meet for dinner and do a little more letterboxing.

Around 5:15pm she picked me up at the hotel and we headed downtown. We wanted to eat at 3 Rivers Brewery and there were a few boxes in the area. We ended up looking for three boxes but only found two. One of the clues said to look for the black benches in the front of the building. There were only burgundy benches and we didn't see the box. But we found the other two boxes that are hidden on opposite ends of an alley behind the restaurant. They were both quick and easy finds. After getting these two boxes we had a great dinner at 3 Rivers and got to visit for a while. Once we were done eating Astro D wanted to go to Civitan Park to look for some boxes. So we made our way to the park and found three boxes - Walking with a Friend, First Love and Too Koi. All were quick and easy finds. From here Astro D brought me back to my hotel and we called it a day.

I am tired tonight and I am hoping I get a good nights sleep so I can be ready for the event tomorrow. I think it will be a fun day.

Thursday, May 28, 2015

The Lost Day

After my marathon boxing yesterday today was the complete opposite. I had worked out what I wanted to do today and had everything ready. But when I got to the car it seemed that the car wasn't ready. I tried starting it and all it did was make a few clicking noises and the windshield wipers moved up. So I waited a minute and tried again - still nothing. So I called AAA and they told me it would be about an hour. So I returned to my room to wait. About 30 minutes later I went out and tried to start the car again and it actually started. So I called and cancelled AAA but I wasn't sure I wanted to go driving around Farmington and get stranded. So I went back to the room and read for a while. Two hours later I tried starting the car again and it didn't start at first but after a couple of tries it started. I then noticed the check engine light was on. Then I decided to call the Jeep dealership and see if they could look at the car today. They said to bring it in. So I left it at the service center and they shuttled me back to the hotel. So I spent the afternoon reading and relaxing waiting to hear about the car. It turned out that the battery was bad - so they put in a new battery and I asked them to do an oil change while they had it. At 5:30pm they picked me up at the hotel and I got the car back. So as not to have a complete day of no boxing I decided to head to the library. I only found one box - RNR's Dragons Read Here. A great box and I loved the clues. After getting this box I then tried to look for a couple of others. One was in a spot and I felt uncomfortable poking around so I stopped looking and tried another. I didn't find that one but I am not sure I was in the right place. So I did find one box but I would have much rather have spent the whole day letterboxing. I still have tomorrow - so I need to plan what I want to do.

Wednesday, May 27, 2015

A Walk in the Park(s)

This coming Saturday is the Letterboxing the Four Corners: Media of the Region event and the park where it is being held is full of boxes. Some which have been there for a while and new ones that have been planted for the event. Looking at the list of boxes available (and that doesn't count boxes that people will plant on Friday or Saturday) I knew there was no way I could get them all and take time to visit with other boxers. So today I decided to spend the day in Berg/Animas Park and see what kind of damage I could do. The park is actually a combination of things - Berg Park, Animas Park, Riverside Nature Center and the Berg/Animas National Recreation Trails. There are about 5 miles of trails in the two parks and there are two bridges that cross the river providing access to both parks. Here is a map of the Berg & Animas Park Trail System.
Over the last few days I have been gathering clues and mapping them out on the map. So I had a good idea of where the boxes were located. This morning I decided to start in Berg Park and make my way along the north side of the river and cross the eastern most bridge into Animas Park. Then I would work my way along the south side of the river and then crossing back to Berg Park on the western bridge and then back to the car. I wasn't sure how many boxes I would get or how long I would spend in the park but that was the plan for the day. There is parking and access for Berg Park on San Juan Blvd. near the corner of Scott Ave. which is right around the corner from my hotel, so I decided to start there. After parking I walked into the park and looked at my map and clues and started my letterboxing adventure in Berg Park. I walked the Riverside Trail, the Woodland Trail and the Nature Trail looking for boxes. Some were quick and easy and some took me a little time and thought. But as I learned more about the park things got easier. I found all the boxes that I was looking for on the north side of the river and had a great time. These are the boxes I found in Berg Park - Escher's Goose and Fish, Game of Thrones, Greetings, Four, Hosmer, Honoring Veterans: Memorial Weekend, The Kiss, Who is That Masked Man: Tonto and Lone Ranger, Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade, Leaphorn & Chee, Fleur-de-Lys, Georgia O, Red or Green? and Leaphorn. At this point I crossed the bridge into Animas Park.

In this park I again walked all the trails I mentioned above and I also took time to visit the prairie dogs and the Riverside Nature Center. Along the way I took breaks on benches scattered throughout the park for snacks and water. I had some problems with boxes on this side of the river and I wasn't able to find a couple of boxes - not sure what I did wrong but I can probably look for those again on Saturday. I really enjoyed walking the trails at this park and finding boxes. Here is what I found in Animas Park - Return to the Moon, Corn is Maize, GAQLBE10 - Maine, Cowboys and Aliens, Gilmore Girls, Where's the Four Corners?, Gunnison's Prairie Dogs, Horse of Another Carver: Pokey, Cheveyo, Great Day for UP!, Ultima's Owl, Blacksheep, Flutterbye the Four States, Around the World in 80 Days, I Love Lucy, The Searchers, Dances with Wolves, Calvary Trilogy, I Think I'll Go Home Now, Stagecoach, Native Art and Mesa Verde.

All in all it was a great day. I spent about 7 hours letterboxing in the parks. By the time I reached the car I was sweaty, thirsty, hungry and exhausted - but it felt good. Now I can have a relaxing time at the event and enjoy visiting with people. So I left the park and decided to just stop at a store and get something that I could take back to the hotel to eat. I ended up getting a pre-made salad and some fruit. When I got back to the hotel the first thing I did was to take a shower and get some clean clothes on. Now that all the logging of boxes is done I think it is time to get to bed - I know I will sleep well tonight.

Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Back to the Farmington Area

Last week I spent three days letterboxing in the Farmignton area and today I am back to get some more boxes. I am taking advantage of the fact that there is an event on Saturday - I just have added some days so that I can make a dent in the list of boxes in the area. So this morning I left Santa Fe kind of early because my plan was to drive to Navajo Lake State Park and get the boxes there - I had clues for three series (one series of six and two series of three) and then some individual clues as well, for a total of 16 boxes.
San Juan River
I didn't make any stops along the way and I arrived at the park around 9:45am. I entered the park from Aztec on NM173 and made my first stop at Cottonwood Day Use Area. Here I looked for SunnyDelight's Animals of Navajo Lake State Park: Cottonwood Campground and C4's Navajo Lake Fish. Both series were hidden along the same trail and I followed the clues finding boxes from both series as I made my way along the trail. The trail is nice as it follows the San Juan River. There were several people out fishing along the bank as I took my walk. I probably walked about a mile and a half total looking for the boxes. I ended up finding only five of the six boxes - I searched for a while for a box and couldn't find it so I moved on and when I made my way back I tried again and still had on luck. So I made my way back to the car and headed back to NM173 and then to NM511 and made my way to the dam. At the beginning of the dam was a parking area where I stopped to find the first box of a six box series by Sunny Delight - Animals of Navajo Lake State Park: Pine River Campground. After finding this box, stamping in and then replacing it I continued onto the dam and stopped at a pullout to check on a box I have there. A couple of years ago I got a couple of note that the box was missing. So I had recarved the stamp and made a new box to hide.
Navajo Lake
When I parked in the pullout I followed the clues I had on AQ and they took me right to the box. I was so happy to see the box was still there. So I decided to tweak my clues a little and hopefully no one else will have a problem. I continued on my drive and headed for the marina and campground area. There is an historical marker at the entrance to these areas and I stopped here and found kingbee's Navajo Lake Pine River. I found it easily and quickly stamped in and the continued on. I stopped at the Visitor Center first and got a map of the park and found a box in the parking lot - C4's Bears: Care Bear. Then I went to the marina and parked at the upper level and found C4's On the Lake. From here I entered the campground area. I stopped at the Main Campground where I looked for two boxes from the Animals series - I only found one, I had a little trouble with the clues but I did search and never found the box. Next I moved on to the Pinon Loop Campground and found another Animal series and C4's Bears: Smokey. Then I went to the Cedar Loop Campground and found an Animal series box and finally ended at the Juniper Loop Campground for the last box in the Animal series. Now it was time to head to Farmington.

I had planned to stop for three boxes at the Aztec Sports Complex but when I arrived in that area I was starving - I hadn't eaten all day. So I headed through Aztec and on to Famington where I stopped for a bite to eat. After eating I realized I was really tired and so I headed to the hotel to check in. I relaxed for a bit and then logged things in and finally have written this blog post. Not sure what I am doing tomorrow but I am sure I will figure it out.

Thursday, May 21, 2015

A Little Aztec and A Little Farmington

Thomas has a few meetings this morning and then he has the afternoon free. So I am going to do some letterboxing this morning and then pick Thomas up and continue the day. Thomas got a ride to his meetings with a coworker and I took my time getting things organized and then headed out.My first stop was really close to the hotel and that was at Berg Park at the corner of Scott Ave. and San Juan Blvd. where there is a parking area.
Berg Park Bridge
Here I was looking for two boxes - one of which had a recent attempt. Not far down the trail I looked for Sunny Delight's Great Blue Heron. I followed the clues and checked out the whole area and didn't find the box. So I moved on. A little further down the trail I crossed a bridge to the other side to the river. Not far after crossing the bridge I arrived at a plaque on a rock base, this was my landmark. I then searched for Sunny Delight's Just Roast It. This time I had more luck and found the box. I took it a little further up the trail to a bench where I could sit and stamp in. It was a beautiful morning in the park and I had a nice time. After replacing this box I retraced my steps to the car and continued with my day. I did make a quick stop at Dunkin Donuts for a cup of coffee before moving on. Then I stopped at Farmington Museum and Visitors Center at Gateway Park. Here I found Sunny Delight's Vintage Fire Truck. I stamped in at a picnic table and then replaced the box.
Aztec Logo
Then I took some time to go in and get some information and walk through the museum. From here I made my way to Aztec (that is where Thomas' meetings were) and parked at the corner of Chaco St. and Aztec Blvd. in a small parking area near an old truss bridge. There are stairs going down to the river where there is a trail. Going down the stairs I looked for huginn's Metals: Magnesium but unfortunately I didn't find it. Then I started looking for C4's Aztec Ruins series. I found the first box Aztec quickly and stamped in while sitting on the stairs. I then replaced it and went in search of the second box - Pottery. Here I got really confused. The clue said to look at the lower tip of the rock stream that runs from the corner of a sign. There were hundreds of rocks. After turning over about fifty I decided to give up and move on. The area where I was in located between two busy streets and I felt uncomfortable and the box wasn't worth that. So I moved on to the next box - C4's Easter Morning. I followed the clues and quickly found this box. There was a bench nearby so I used that to sit and stamp in. The third box in the Aztec Ruins series was at Aztec Ruins National Monument. So I drove the short distance there and followed the clues. I pulled into the RV parking area and got out of my car to look for the box. Immediately a couple in an RV got out and started yelling at me that I shouldn't be taking up an RV space. I pointed out to them that there were other spots and no other RV's in the vicinity that needed the space and that I wouldn't be long. So I started walking to the area where the box was suppose to be but I couldn't look for it because the man was following me. He kept telling me to move my car and get the "HELL" out of here. I decided to just go into the building and he finally left me alone. Fifteen minutes later I returned to my car and left. I didn't look for the box because the man was glaring at me from his RV and I decided that if they saw me they may take the box out of spite. This totally reinforced in me how rude RVer's are - I have had other issues with them. Anyway it was time for me to go and meet Thomas.
Yellow Salsify
Purple Fuzzy Flower
 Once I had gotten Thomas we decided to get a bite to eat and then we would head out to Crow Canyon. We drove from Aztec on US550 to US64 in Bloomfield. Then we took US64 east through Blanco to CR 4450. We drove to 5 Mile Bridge and when we crossed Largo Wash over the bridge whe noticed how wet it was. So we stopped and decided it would be foolish to drive 20 mile out and then try driving through the wash in this condition. The possibility of getting stuck was monumental and neither of us want to take that chance. We ended up returning to the hotel and Thomas had a headache so he decided to take a nap and rest and I decided to go out and do some letterboxing. I headed out to Animas Park off of Browning Parkway. I parked near the big red building and then set off on the trails. I wasn't sure how many boxes I would look for but I had enough clues to keep me busy. I started my search from the Riverside Nature Center and not far down the trail I found Which Way is the Bus Traveling? by Sunny Delight.
Animas Park
This was a quick and easy find and there was a bench nearby to sit on and stamp in. Then I continued on my search and eventually found Aspen's Osage Girl in Navajo Country. I stamped in and replaced the box and then started looking for Aspen's Hubie and Bertie's Hitchhiker Hostel. I had a little trouble translating the clues but eventually found it. As I sat and stamped in the wind picked up and the sky clouded over. When I was done stamping in I went and put the box back in place. The box is a larger box and it was hidden in a very large pile of river rocks. As I was restacking the rocks to hide the box one of the rocks moved and smashed the middle finger of my left hand. I had a few choice words at this time. My nail was bleeding and I kept squeezing it to get as much blood out from under it as possible. Luckily I had some napkins in my letterboxing bag which helped. But I decided to call it a day as my finger was throbbing and bleeding. So I returned to the car and made my way to the hotel. At the hotel I washed my hands and got some more blood out from under my nail and then put a bandaid around it. I am hoping that the nail won't eventually fall off. It is a little darker than my other nails but not bad and I took some aspirin and it is feeling better. After getting cleaned up Thomas and I headed out for dinner. Now we are relaxing in the hotel and ready for our drive home tomorrow. We don't have any plans to letterbox on the way home so it will just be driving.

I had a good time in the Farmington area and found some neat boxes and saw some interesting places. And now I have a better idea of the boxes and the area so next week I can do a lot more letterboxing.

Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Hart Canyon Road and Alien Run Trail

Today I am going on another drive - this time along Hart Canyon Road just north of Aztec. I have clues for three series planted along here. The three series have a total of 18 boxes and that is my plan for the day. I didn't leave the hotel until a little after 8:00am so I didn't start boxing until around 8:40am. At the beginning of Hart Canyon Road (aka CR2770) there is another road that goes off to the right and there is a small building in the space between the two roads and this is where the first series starts. The first series I started looking for was C4's Arch Rock Stampede (a series of 10 boxes) and I found the first one without a problem. I then continued my drive up Hart Canyon Road stopping at different odometer readings along the way to find a box.
Triple Point
The first three matched up perfectly and I had no problems but the fourth one was a little off but as I was looking for a sandy road on the left I was able to find the spot and find boxes 4 and 5 here. After this things really fell apart. My mileage didn't match the mileages in the clues so I had to try and match landmarks. The clue for the sixth box talked about 'Triple Point'. I found a formation with three spires right off the road and the mileage was close enough that I figured I was in the right spot. I parked and walked up to the formation and started following the clues. I didn't find a box but I did enjoy the area and after about 20 minutes I decided to move on.
 [Note: Usually I print out any New Mexico clues as they show up and when I am heading out I check to make sure the clues are still valid - if not I reprint them. For box #6 in this series I didn't notice that it was marked as retired when I checked it - so not finding the box was my bad. I need to be more diligent when planning boxes.]
So now I was looking for box 7 and the mileage was still off. But I was looking for a smokey cave and eventually found it (incidentally this is where one of the other series starts - but I was trying to finish this series first so I didn't stop here).
Yellow Prickly Pear Bloom
The clue stated I needed to turn left onto a side road just past the cave. So I turned on the first road I came to. The next part of the clue stated you would go over a cattle guard, which I did. Then after that nothing made sense and my mileages weren't matching at all. So I looked for the next landmark which was a "Y" in the road (there were lots of "Y's" in the road so I stopped at any one I saw. I was looking for a tree at the intersection with a 'spor' but never found one, so I never found box #7. The next box was to continue on the road until I saw Arch Rock but I never found it. So I turned around and went back to the smokey cave.
Sego Lily (aka Mariposa Lily)
I parked in front of the cave and zeroed out my odometer (the clue stated I was to be at 6.1 here) and decided I would just drive the distance between the cave and box #7 (this was at 7.5, so I needed to be at 1.4 on my odometer). At 1.4 there was no "Y" so I drove until I got to one - still no box. So I went back and looked to see if I had missed a "Y" and I hadn't. So I decided to just forget about the rest of the boxes in this series and move on to the next series. I drove back to the smokey cave and pulled up to it and found the first box in Sunny Delight's Alien Trail series. At the cave I zeroed out my odometer and had to calculate my mileage since the mileage for this series started at US550 and I had now blown that with driving up the side road. This time the mileages all worked out. According to this series the cave was at 5.7 so I made this my zero. After stamping in and replacing the first box I moved on. I went .3 miles and found box #2 quickly and the continued on. At 6.9 miles there was to be a parking area and for me that was 1.2 and I was in the right spot. From here I was hiking the Alien Run Trail while looking for the last four boxes of the Alien Trial series and the two boxes for the ET in AZ?? series (actually only one because the second box was marked retired). So I started my walk and only a short distance down the trail I found box #3. After stamping in I went through a fence and up a small hill and was greeted with an amazing view. A green valley below with incredible rock formations to the right and a beautiful snow capped mountain range in the background. I stood here for a few minutes enjoying everything. Incidentally I was the only car in the parking lot and I didn't see anyone else on the trail - it was so peaceful. Anyway, I continued on the trail and found box #4 of the AT series and box #1 of the ET series in the same area.
View from Alien Run Trail
I stamped into both and replaced them and then continued on to box #5 in the AT series. This one was just a little ways up the trail and I had no problems finding it. After stamping in I started for the last box. So that you know - the trail I was on is called Alien Run Trail and is so named because of an alleged UFO crash here. Now I was looking for a sign on a post off to the right in an open area which marks the actual site of the crash. So as I walked I kept my eyes peeled for the sign. Eventually I saw it and made my way to it. The second box in the ET series was hidden at the base of the sign (which is bare - and I guess it was too tempting for someone who was there to take the box) and there was nothing there when I arrived. So I followed the clues for the last box in the AT series and easily found it. You went from the sign to the chin of a man made rock outline of an alien head and then to the box. I found it, sat down and stamped in and then replaced it. I then found a nice spot and had a snack and some water and enjoyed all the beauty around me. Twenty minutes later I made my way back to the parking area and then headed back to US550.

Here are some articles about the alleged UFO crash near Aztec . . .
Aztec, NM: UFO Crashed Here
Aztec, New Mexico Crash Recovery of 1948
1948, The Aztec UFO Crash
Aztec (New Mexico) UFO Hoax
The Aztec, New Mexico UFO Crash

By this time I was hot and tired and decided to call it a day. On my way back to the hotel I decided to stop at a store and get some fruit and snacks. Once at the hotel I took a shower and relaxed for a while and then decided to write this post. I still have tomorrow so I will also make some plans for that.

Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Lots of Driving and Some Letterboxing

Letterboxes in the Farmington area have grown in number over the last few years and I haven't been up to that area in a while so I decided to tag along when Thomas told me he had to work in Farmington this week. On May 30th there is an event in Farmington so I will be back next week as well. I am hoping that these two trips will allow me to chip away at the list of boxes in that area. As I have been planning the trips and mapping out boxes I found out that there are over two hundred boxes available for me to find. I think it will require a few more trips to get caught up. But I am hoping I can at least put a dent in the list. So this morning I left Santa Fe to make my way to Farmington. I am going to meet Thomas there since he has to work this morning and will drive up later with a coworker.
My plan was to find a few boxes along US550 as I made my way north. There were six boxes I hadn't found yet. My first stop was at the Perea Nature Trail near San Ysidro.
View from Perea Nature Trail
Here I walked the one mile loop and found Sunny Delight's Another Duo: Coyote and C4's Another Duo: Roadrunner. They were both pretty easy to find and I enjoyed the morning walk all by myself - and I mean that - there wasn't another person around. I made my way back to the car and continued my drive north. A little past San Ysidro I stopped along the road to find Wronghat's Herma box. I quickly grabbed it and took it back to the car to stamp in. After replacing the box I got back on the road and made my way to Cuba. In Cuba I stopped to find a box from a series that I had found some of the boxes back in the winter. I couldn't get this one box because the rock it was under was frozen in place. Unfortunately I still didn't get the box. The rock I was looking for wasn't there and neither was the box.
Angel Peak
So I continued on until I got to CR 7175 and the entrance to the Angel Peak Scenic Area. I was here this past winter and there was snow everywhere so I couldn't find any boxes. So there were two boxes I needed to look for. I easily found Sunny Delight's Lone Hoodoo box and found a bench to sit on while stamping in - the bench is placed directly in front of Angel Peak so I had wonderful views while stamping in and I could also see the lone hoodoo just to the right of Angel Peak. After getting this box back in place I looked for the next box - C4's Angel's Song. I had no luck with this one - I am not sure if I was just reading the clues wrong or if I just wasn't seeing the right landmarks. After about 20 minutes of going back and forth on the trails I had to give up and move along. The next stop was just before Bloomfield off of CR 4990 on CR 4998 at the East Hammond Cemetery. Here I found Sunny Delight's Orange Jack-o-Lantern. This was a quick and easy find and I was back on the road in no time. I then stopped in Bloomfield to fill the car with gas and get a snack before I continued with my day.

In Bloomfield I drove east on US64 for about 45 miles and then took NM 527 north for 17 miles to the Sims Mesa area of Navajo Lake State Park. I looked for a series of five boxes by Sunny Delight called Animals of Navajo Lake State Park: Sims Mesa. But I only found three of the boxes - Mountain Lion, Rabbit and Bear - the Mouse and Bobcat eluded me or they ran away.
Wines of the San Juan
After spending about 40 minutes here I retraced my drive back to Bloomfield. Before I arrived in Bloomfield I made a stop near Blanco off of NM511 at The Wines of the San Juan. I pulled in and parked and went in search of two letterboxes. I found awty's Blue-Winged Olive quickly and took it back to the car to stamp in. I then replaced it and went in search of a second box. But as I was walking around a man came out and asked if he could help me. I told him I was just looking around and thought I would do a wine tasting. He then informed me that they were closed on Tuesdays but offered to do the tasting and that he was the owner. I was glad he did - they have some wonderful wines and I ended up leaving with three bottles - one for me and the others for friends. After the tasting I asked if I could walk around and take pictures - the owner said yes and I walked around taking pictures and trying to look for the box without being obvious. I found the landmarks but didn't see the box. I may have missed it since I felt uncomfortable knowing that the owner was in his house and could see me from there. So I decided to leave without finding the box. I then made my way to Bloomfield and the Riverwalk at the end of 1st Street. I think I had about six clues for the area. I started going in one direction and tried looking for four boxes - I only ended up finding two of the boxes and they were store bought so I didn't feel like putting too much energy into these boxes. At this point I decided to call it a day and drive to Farmington to the hotel. On the way I stopped and picked up a salad to have for dinner. I finally got checked in to the hotel and settled. It was a long day and a lot of driving but I did see some beautiful areas and had a great time. Now I need to plan what I am doing tomorrow.

Monday, May 11, 2015

A Couple of Boxes in 'Burque

Today I had a couple of things to do in Albuquerque so I decided to do a little letterboxing while I was in town. My plan was to leave a hour or so early and that would give me time to grab two letterboxes that were planted recently in Albuquerque. My first stop was at the Balloon Fiesta Park. I drove in and followed the clues. As I was entering the area I spotted the location in the clue. So I found a place to park and then looked around. There were some guys playing golf nearby but they weren't even looking my way and then there was a maintenance/groundskeeper in a truck on the other end of the parking area. Things seemed safe so I walked to the spot and easily found Public Hand's Balloons Over Albuquerque. I took the box back to the car to stamp in. When I was done I looked around and the place was empty. No guys playing golf - I guess they moved on and the groundskeeper was no where in site so it was easy for me to replace the box. So I left the park and headed to my next location. That was the Holiday Inn Express on Yale. This was a very quick find. I parked where the clue told me to park and I stepped out of the car, nabbed the box and then got back in the car to stamp in. This box is by Grumpy Grinch and is called Trolley Transport. After stamping in and replacing the box I was ready to go to my appointments. It was a nice morning of letterboxing and I thank the visitors to New Mexico for their presents.
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