This blog chronicles my letterboxing adventures. It includes posts that share my travels that are letterboxing related, the letterboxes I have found and planted as well as the people I have met along the way. There are also photos included to help give a complete picture of the fun I had.

Monday, July 30, 2012

Lunch and a Few New Boxes in Santa Fe

While I was in Philadelphia a few new boxes popped up in Santa Fe and before I left for the trip I had planned lunch with Astro D and rubberpeace for today to celebrate rubberpeace's birthday. So this morning I got things ready and headed out to take care of some errands. I was meeting Astro D and rubberpeace at La Cocina de Doña Clara in the Santa Fe Village on Don Gaspar at around 11:30am. I was done with my errands early and got downtown with an hour to spare.
So I decided to get one of the boxes before lunch since it was hidden off of San Francisco St. at Moon Rabbit Toys. So I made my way to the store and asked for the box at the counter. The guy there at first didn't know what I was talking about, but after a short explanation he found the box. I took it out side the store to a bench to stamp in to My Favorite Swine: Hamm. It didn't take me long and then I returned the box to the store. I still had a little time to spare so I walked around the Plaza for a bit and then made my way to the restaurant. The girls were already there.

We had a nice lunch and talked about my trip and Astro D's plan for a trip to Texas. We also talked a little about rubberpeace's upcoming trip to Oregon. We barely talked about letterboxing and the lunch ended abruptly and quickly. Maybe I am being too sensitive but I felt that things were strained and I am not sure what happened. I hoped it wasn't something I said or did but I definitely didn't feel comfortable with the visit. So in less than an hour we left the restaurant and parted ways.

My next stop was at the LaFarge Library on Llano. I parked and followed the clues for My Favorite Swine: Wilbur. The clues took me down a short path towards an arroyo. I found the box at the base of a juniper and found a place to sit. I stamped in quickly and got the box back into its hiding spot without any problems. Time to continue on.
The Half-Blood Prince

I made my way to Governor Miles Rd. and parked at Pueblos del Sol Park. I crossed Governor Miles Rd. and followed the trail and the clues. Not far down the trail I found the landmark I was looking for. I was searching for Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince Series and the Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Series. These are two series of three boxes each. I read the clue for the first box of The Half-Blood Prince Series and found it easily and stamped in - noticing that Astro D and rubberpeace had been there that morning (I wondered why I wasn't invited since we were all meeting for lunch anyway and decided I was just being paranoid).
The Deathly Hallows
I put the box back in place and then read the clue for box two and three of the series. The boxes were all right there within feet of each other. So I nabbed the other two and stamped in making sure to replace them to the correct spots when I was done. After getting my things together I made my way back to the trail and continued on to find The Deathly Hallows Series. All three of these boxes were placed near a culvert in a sandy arroyo. I found all three boxes quickly and used the culvert as a table to stamp in. Once I was done with all three boxes I made sure they were sealed well and also made sure they were all back in the right spots before heading back to my car.

It wasn't my best day of letterboxing - I just can't shake why they didn't invite me to letterbox with them. I hope I haven't done anything to offend them.

Sunday, July 29, 2012

We're Back From Philly!

Well we spent a week in Philadelphia seeing all the sights from our forefathers and got to see first hand the area where our country started as well as visiting Capitals and other States in the area.
The Liberty Bell
I got to do a lot of letterboxing and I found letterboxes in four new states bringing my total number of states I've letterboxed in up to 38. I was able to write a blog post for each day that we were in the Philadelphia area and that includes my trip to Delaware and Maryland and then my trip to Harrisburg and also my final trip to Trenton before Thomas and I spent the rest of our time in the city of Philadelphia. If you would like to read about this trip you can go to The City of Brotherly Love (and a Few Other Places) and that will give you all of the posts and the details of our trip. I really enjoyed this trip and would love to go back when it isn't so hot and spend time just wandering the streets.

Sunday, July 22, 2012

We Are Heading to Philly

Well we are off on another trip (this year has been busy with traveling) to Philadelphia. Thomas is attending a leadership class and I am (as usual) tagging along. For three days - Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday - I am on my own.
The City of Brotherly Love
We leave early tomorrow morning and Thomas has a reception tomorrow night and then he is busy the entire time until the class ends on Thursday afternoon. I am planning on visiting some State Capitols and doing some letterboxing. Philadelphia is located in the southeast section of Pennsylvania making it very close to Delaware, Maryland and New Jersey. Putting the Capitols of these states within easy driving distance for a days adventure. This will also add four new states to my letterboxing map (I hope). I have lots planned to keep me busy and then when Thomas is done with his class we will spend time exploring Philadelphia and the history of the start of our country. If you want to read about the trip you can go to The City of Brotherly Love (and A Few Other Places). I hope to post something daily and keep up with all that I do.

Wednesday, July 18, 2012


ArnoldZiffel seems to be on a roll planting boxes around the state. I just found M
y Favorite Swine: Porky Pig the other day and then I printed out the clues for My Favorite Swine: Miss Piggy. I have had the clues for a couple of days now but I haven't had time to go and find this box. But today I had errands to run and in the middle of them I would be driving right by Santa Fe University of Art and Design where Miss Piggy is hanging out. I made a quick stop and was able to find the box quickly and stamp in while sitting in the car. I was also able to get the box back into place without a problem. There weren't any people around so it was a pretty easy find. I have to say I love the carve but Miss Piggy isn't one of my favorite characters but I did enjoy looking for this box - thanks ArnoldZiffel.

Saturday, July 14, 2012

That's All Folks!

This morning I woke up and started doing things around the house, I didn't really have any plans for the day. But as we all know things change. I got on the internet to check emails and I noticed a new box in Santa Fe. So I printed out the clues for my Favorite Swine: Porky Pig and put them aside.
That's All Folks!
I went back to doing things around the house until I got a phone call from work. Someone had called in sick and they asked me to go in and help out - for time and a half. I decided since I didn't really have anything planned and they were going to pay me a lot of money that I would go in and help. So I changed into my uniform and left for work. The new box in Santa Fe just happened to be on the route I take to work so I grabbed my letterboxing bag and the clue and left home. This was an easy drive by and I had no trouble finding the box hidden at the dead end of Governor Miles Road. I took the box back into the car to stamp in. I was putting the box back into place when I noticed a couple of cars turning away from me from the nearby intersection - I got a little worried and hoped they didn't notice me. I think my car was kind of blocking what I was doing. Anyway I was the first to find the box - woohoo! Thanks ArnoldZiffel for a great stamp and for bringing back memories of Saturday Morning Cartoons and of one of my favorite characters - Porky Pig.

Thursday, July 12, 2012

The Colorado Springs Trip Comes to an End

Well we made it home from our trip to Colorado Springs. Unfortunately it was because Thomas wasn't feeling well and we ended up coming home about a day and a half early so he could get to the dentist to have a toothache checked out. He tried to get through it and attended his conference but it just kept getting worse. So he saw the dentist and it is being taken care of, so hopefully he will be feeling better soon.

Even though the trip was cut short it was still a lot of fun. We letterboxed on the way up to Colorado Springs stopping in Raton, Trinidad, Aguilar, Walsenburg and Fountain. We also got to drive the road up to Pikes Peak. I took a drive along Hwy 24 to Leadville and back and found some letterboxes and visited some beautiful places. And I visited Paint Mines Interpretive Park and did a little letterboxing in Colorado Springs. It was a great trip and you can read all about it in detail at Letterboxing in the Shadows of America's Mountain.

Friday, July 06, 2012

A Trip to Colorado Springs

Well, we are off on another little adventure. Thomas is attending the WASHTO Conference in Colorado Springs this coming week and I am tagging along to do some letterboxing. It has been three years to the week since we were last in Colorado to do some letterboxing.
Pikes Peak
I looked back at my blog and my finds and noticed the last time we were here visiting Thomas' brother and his family was July 2 - 6, 2009. You can read about that trip at A Holiday Weekend in the Centennial State. As for this coming trip I have been trying to come up with a title but was having a little trouble. And while looking for letterbox clues I stumbled onto a couple of clues for boxes hidden at Focus on the Family and I joked to Thomas about using this title - A Liberal Letterboxer in Conservative Colorado Springs. After a lot of laughing I decided I shouldn't use that one. So if you want to read about my letterboxing adventures for this trip to Colorado Springs go to Letterboxing in the Shadows of Americas Mountain. For this trip I will mostly be in Colorado Springs and hopefully will get a chance to drive up Pikes Peak - for letterboxing and for the drive. I am also planning a day trip to Leadville via Hwy 24 and do some letterboxing along the way. We will see what happens though, because as many of you may remember the area we are traveling to had a very recent and very bad fire - the Waldo Canyon Fire. I am not sure how this will affect the trip and I am planning to play it by ear and I am going to be very flexible and take each day as it comes. I have plenty of clues so that I can make other plans if an area is not available. Well gotta go - we leave early in the morning.
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