This blog chronicles my letterboxing adventures. It includes posts that share my travels that are letterboxing related, the letterboxes I have found and planted as well as the people I have met along the way. There are also photos included to help give a complete picture of the fun I had.

Saturday, March 30, 2013

My Letterboxing Milestones

Here is a list of some of the milestones I have reached during my letterboxing years. I have had tons of fun letterboxing and I hope to continue adding to this list.


Milestone Box Name Planter City, State Found
1st Santa Fe Trails Microbox Silver Eagle Santa Fe, NM 02/16/2006
100th Float Your Boat Canada: I Pulled It! chocolate bunny Belcarra, British Columbia, Canada 08/05/2006
200th Olga Little Esmerelda Durango, CO 10/01/2006
300th The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe dewberry Tomball, TX 10/21/06
400th Clay Menagerie: Box #3 Laguna artTrekker Tesuque, NM 02/16/2007
500th Two Chess Pieces artTrekker Mystery Box 05/28/07
600th Grow Where You Are Planted: Hawaiian Palm night writer Gilbert, AZ 07/14/2007
700th Izzy auntie&Hoosiers3 Lander, WY 08/27/2008
800th Watchful Birds Wanda Skidmore, TX 01/28/2008
900th Along the Bluebonnet Trail Lone Star Quilter Bastrop, TX 03/01/2008
1000th Road Trip! Astro D Pilar, NM 09/13/2008
1100th Coelophysis Jags Windsor, CT 10/18/2008
1200th Scout Series: Oh, To Be A Tiger Barefoot Lucy Rusk, TX 03/06/2009
1300th Summer Fun at Lake Murray: The Currents Penguin Patrol Ardmore, OK 04/03/2009
1400th The Fools of April: Clown Leviathan Westminster, CO 07/06/2009
1500th What My Sister REALLY Wants For Her Birthday Hodgindaz Lincoln City, OR 10/10/2009
1600th Sycamore Reservoir Trail Series - Prison Camp Azroadie Tucson, AZ 02/14/2010
1700th The Beetle Chunna Wareham, MA 05/14/2010
1800th The Lights at Night Series: Pt. Judith, RI mudflinginfools Harpswell, ME 08/07/2010
1900th Clayton Lake Stormcrow Clayton, NM 09/06/2010
2000th Go Kazan RJWata Mystery Box 02/16/2011
2100th Brown Mountain Azroadie Tucson, AZ 03/25/2011
2200th Patsy Ann sewsewbizzy Celebrity Millennium, AK 07/09/2011
2300th Constellations: Corvus LyssaGirl Augusta, MO 09/17/2011
2400th A Brain, A Heart, A Home, The Nerve: Have A Heart I Dig Toasters St. Louis, MO 09/25/2011
2500th NFL Series, Box 1, Houston Texans Gators88 Houston, TX 03/02/2012
2600th Second Saturday Seekers, Leave No Trace The3DT's Los Alamos, NM 04/24/2012
2700th Betsy Ross codgillfish Philadelphia, PA 07/27/2012
2800th Paladin Wronghat Albuquerque, NM 02/16/2013
2900th Burnet Rumble Princess S Burnet, TX 03/03/2013
3000th Bless My Family Sunny Delight Chimayo, NM 09/25/2013
3100th Beverage of Choice: The Ginger People Open Space New Caney, TX 10/19/2013
3200th Plutospective Earminator Flagstaff, AZ 04/02/2014
3300th Blackadon #2 - Kangaroo Mark Ivybridge, England 08/29/2014
3400th No. 1 - Dapedium Dartmoor Widecombe-in-the-Moor, England 09/03/2014
3500th Texas Independence Tidbits: Overdue topcrop Washington, TX 10/23/2014
3600th Which? C Sharp M or A Sharp M The Woodshed Denver, CO 11/08/2014
3700th Tribal Treasure Grumpy Grinch Austin, TX 03/06/2015
3800th Navajo Lake Fish - Mama C4 Navajo Dam, NM 05/26/2015
3900th Bear's Den Quartet: Sleepyhead the lazy letterboxer New Salem, MA 06/06/2015
4000th London Bridge & UK Fictional: The Darlings SnakeDoctor Lake Havasu City, AZ 11/14/2015
4100th Camp Woodshed: Mystery Carols #59 - What Child Is This? paper trail Parker, CO 12/05/2015
4200th Air Mail @ Flying J: Band Leader Front Range Hiker Aspen Park, CO 08/12/2016
4300th Winter Wonderland: Tied With A Bow Front Range Hiker Evergreen, CO 08/13/2016
4400th Santa's Busy Elves: Grumpy Elf The Woodshed Parker, CO 12/03/2016
4500th Pinto Line ArnoldZiffel Santa Fe, NM 01/12/2017
4600th Egyptian Hieroglyphics: Sema-Union The Woodshed Larkspur, CO 08/16/2017
4700th Phunny Pharaoh's: Smurfette The Woodshed Castle Rock, CO 08/19/2017
4800th Courthouse Conundrum cezannie Prescott, AZ 10/14/2017


Milestone Box Name City, State Planted
1st Chimney Rock Abiquiu, NM 04/15/2006
25th Honor, Loyalty and Peace Santa Fe, NM 10/08/2006
50th New Mexico's Eternal Flame Santa Fe, NM 10/06/2007
75th Texas Heritage: Eugene C. Barker Weches, TX 03/07/2009
100th Sportsman's Paradise Series: State Tree Mystery Box 03/31/2010
125th Angel Peak Bloomfield, NM 11/01/2010
150th Giacomo Casanova Venice, Italy 11/03/2012
175th lionsmane's 10 Year Letterboxiversary Santa Fe NM 02/16/2016
200th NM Scenic Byways: Enchanted Circle - Questa Questa, NM 09/04/2017

Friday, March 29, 2013

A Letterboxing Day in Santa Fe

Yesterday I got an email from ArnoldZiffel asking if Astro D, rubberpeace and I wanted to meet for lunch. So we scheduled to meet today at 11:30am. I had a few errands to run today and I also had clues to two letterboxes to find in town. So I left home this morning with all my letterboxing stuff and my list of things to do.
So in between my errands I made a stop to find a letterbox/geocache hybrid. I parked at the Santa Fe Spa and went in search of Bit of a View S.F. placed by angel77ra. It was an easy find and I sat and stamped in enjoying the view. After stamping in I returned to my car and continued my errands. Once my errands were done I went in search of one more letterbox before meeting everyone else for lunch. I made my way to Letrado St. and found a parking spot near the box. The box I found here was ArnoldZiffel's NOT My Favorite Swine. I took the box back to the car to stamp in. I really loved this stamp and the concept. I won't say too much about the box because when you find it I think you will get a chuckle out of it and it will be a great surprise. I replaced the box and drove to Felipe's Tacos to meet ArnoldZiffel, Astro D and rubberpeace for lunch. We had a great visit and a nice lunch. I really loved my letterboxing day in Santa Fe.

Saturday, March 23, 2013

Letterboxing Blows Me Away

Last Tuesday Thomas and I were invited to a birthday party for friends in Albuquerque for tonight. We also had a couple of errands we needed to run in Albuquerque.
Mormon Battalion Monument
So we decided to make a day of it and find some letterboxes as well. We left Santa Fe sometime after 11:00am and with a lot of wind. We made a stop at the Mormon Battalion Monument in Budaghers to find Wronghat's Pillar for Polygamist. We parked and I decided to read the clues and try to locate the box from the wind free safety of the car. I was pretty sure I had the right spot so I exited the car and almost immediately went on a mad run to recover my hat. Once I had my hat I went and looked for the box. It was in the spot I figured so I grabbed it and returned to the car to stamp in. As usual it was a great Wronghat carve and I loved the title of the box. When it was time to return the box to its hiding spot I had to wait a little bit because the wind had picked up and there was lots of sand blowing around. When it subsided I made a mad dash and replaced the box. Once I was back in the car we headed toward Albuquerque.

We went to Trailhead Park to look for a bonus box to the Filmed in New Mexico series (I am not giving anything away - it states in the clues that there is a bonus box).
Daisy and Rozie
Once there I didn't find the box because I was really confused about the clues and the wind was a little aggravating. I tried to figure it out but still came up empty handed. So we left there and continued on. The next stop was Rio Grande Valley State Park where we looked for another Wronghat box - Quest Aloft. I followed the clues and hunkered down against the wind. It took a little more time to find this box because the wind and blowing sand had us taking little breaks behind trees to protect ourselves. Once I found the box I sat down in the middle of some trees which helped to block us from the wind. I stamped in and got a first finder certificate for my troubles with the wind. I replaced the box and we bolted for the car to get out of the wind. We drove to the Rio Grande Zoo to find the next box which is Sunny Delight's Rosie's News. We didn't have as much trouble with the wind here because there were buildings to help cover us. I found the box easily but ended up getting a few scratches - the bush where this box is hidden has some serious spines so you need to be careful. I brought the box back to the car to stamp in.  Once I was done and the box was back in place we made our way to Old Town. The next box we looked for was Wronghat and Semicolon's New Mexico Women #4: Sarah Ruiz. This box is at the Church Street Cafe.
Church Street Cafe
I have eaten here a few times and I love the food. We hadn't had any lunch so we decided to get something to eat while here. The box is sitting on a fireplace mantel in the entry so I grabbed it and took it to our table when they seated us. We order our food and then I stamped in. I got a great stamp carved by Semicolon and a first finder card. I then replaced the box on the mantel and then we ate. While we were eating I ended up talking with Thomas about the bonus box we couldn't find earlier and I had some ideas but still wasn't certain. After the meal was done we left to run our errands and while Thomas drove I emailed Wronghat for some insight to the bonus box - I didn't ask for the clue just his thoughts. During our last errand I stayed in the car and Thomas went inside. I got on my iPad and tried a few things and voilà I had the clue and I also checked my email and Wronghat had sent me a note. When Thomas was back in the car I told him I had the clue so we headed back to Trailhead Park. By this time the wind was a little better and we found the box without any problems. After stamping in we returned to the car and headed to the party.

We had a nice time visiting with our friends and celebrating their birthdays. There was lots of food and cake and very nice company. But Thomas and I were tired - the wind had really beaten us down and we still had to drive an hour to get home. So around 9:00pm we left Albuquerque and headed to Santa Fe. Thankfully the wind was a lot less by this time and the drive wasn't bad. Even though we had the wind to contend with it was still a great day of letterboxing and we found some nice stamps - thanks to those who planted boxes.

Wednesday, March 06, 2013

Back Home After TALE 10

It was an incredible week of letterboxing, visiting friends and exploring Texas but it is good to be home. I always have a great time when I letterbox in Texas. There are incredible carvers in Texas and I find some incredible boxes in interesting places.
Visit Texas
This trip took me into west Texas through towns like Brownfield, Odonnel, Tarzan, Midland, Odessa, Crane and Rankin. Then I traveled east and spent some time in and around the Hill Country in towns like Junction, Kerrville, Fredericksburg, Austin, Bastrop, San Antonio, Marble Falls, Burnet, Llano and Brady. And as I began to return home I drove through Indian Creek, Trickham, Brownwood, Santa Anna, Coleman, Winters, Nolan, Sweetwater and Lubbock. I covered lots of area and enjoyed seeing all these beautiful Texas towns. And TALE 10 was a great celebration of Texas letterboxing. You can read all about my trip by going to
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