This blog chronicles my letterboxing adventures. It includes posts that share my travels that are letterboxing related, the letterboxes I have found and planted as well as the people I have met along the way. There are also photos included to help give a complete picture of the fun I had.

Friday, May 25, 2012

A Quick Letterbox Find in Cozumel

Thomas and I spent the day walking around Cozumel today. The ship docked and we headed into port. We walked around the port area and then headed down the main street.
Cozumel Columns near the Caribbean
I had clues for one letterbox that wasn't too far from the port entrance. So we walked for about 15 minutes and we were constantly stopped by taxi drivers and tour operators trying to get us to take a tour with them. We finally got past all these people and started seeing the first of the landmarks - spheres on top of a white wall. After the sixth sphere we saw seven columns in a circle which was the next part of the clue. So we left the sidwalk and followed a path to the sea and stood in front of the columns with our backs to the water. To the left and behind a wall covered by rocks we found Sombrero by Mad Hatter WAC. We found a flat rock to sit on and stamp in. After rehiding the box we continued with our walking tour of Cozumel. So glad to add another country to my list of finds.

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

A Letterbox in Coxen Hole

We are on our Cruise with my brother and sister and today we docked in Coxen Hole, Isla Roatán, Honduras. I have a couple of letterbox clues for the area. One here in Coxen Hole and one in Mahogany Bay. My family was very accommodating about going with me to find at least one box on the island so I could say I letterboxed here.

SteelPan Alley Sign
So we left the port area and headed west down the main road looking for the landmark of a stone castle. We had to walk about a mile before we came across the Stone Castle Cameo Factory. The clue then stated to continue to SteelPan Alley and from there we could find the box. Not far past the stone castle we saw a sign for SteelPan Alley and I then followed the rest of the clues and found the box. I was really excited to find a box in another country. And this box was placed by Gryzzled Gryphon and was called Hi From Texas. I have had the pleasure of meeting Mr. GG on many occasions at events in Texas and Oklahoma. So my brother and I stamped in while sitting on the sidewalk overlooking the Caribbean. When we were done we couldn't replace the box right away because some guy was hanging around.
Mahogany Bay View
Luckily in less than five minutes a taxi pulled up and he got in and left. We were then able to replace the box. From here we started heading back to the dock with a stop at the Cameo Factory first.

We then returned to the dock and took a taxi to Mahogany Bay to go to the beach. Before we hit the sand and water we stopped for a bite to eat and I noticed a sign on top of a building that said Hurricane Hole. This was a part of the clue for another box on the island. So we got a table at the restaurant and then ordered some lunch. I then went out and looked for the letterbox. I followed all the clues looking for a crate with a conch shell in it. There was a picture that was also part of the clue. Unforturnately it looked like they moved lots of the crates and the picture didn't match the scene anymore or vice versa. Anyway, I looked around the area checking in crates for the conch shell but never found anything. Well at least I found one box in Honduras.

Saturday, May 19, 2012

Letterboxing in the Galveston Bay Area

Thomas and I are going on a cruise with my sister and her husband and my brother and his wife. The cruise leaves from Galveston tomorrow and we decided to go a day early (just to make sure we got there on time) and to do a little letterboxing and sight seeing in the area. When I started doing some research I noticed that there had been an event at Jack Brooks Park in Hitchcock, TX (The Cat's Meow) so I decided that would be a good place to start.
Little Blood Sucker

After landing at Houston Hobby we grabbed our bags and headed for the rental car area. After getting that taken care of we headed south on I45 to FM2004 and then to Jack Brooks Park. We knew we didn't have time for all the boxes so we picked an area and started there. We ended up at the Veterans Memorial Playground Area. Walking the trails in this area we found sixteen boxes - CATfish, Hakuna Matata (3), Cat Woman, Clueless Cat, Kitty Ying and Kitty Yang (2), Skitty and Friends (3), Steinlen's Le Chat Noir, Duchess, Cheshire Cat, Curious Cat and Here Kitty Kitty. It was a beautiful day in the park - around 85°F, clear blue skies and a gentle breeze - the humidity wasn't all that bad either. On the down side there were hoards of mosquitoes. We put on a ton of deet and we still got eaten up. We did actually have a little more time to find boxes but we just couldn't stand the bugs anymore. So we made our way back to the car and completed our drive to Galveston.

Cemetery Statue
We arrived in Galveston and checked in to our hotel (The Tremont House), took a little rest and washed up before heading out to do some things. We first stopped at the Galveston Visitors Center to get some info and a map and to look for a letterbox. This box (Brown Pelican) was placed by the Galveston Visitors Center but the two people in the place didn't know anything about it and we couldn't find a brown pelican anywhere in building. So we headed out and stopped at the Bishop's Palace to find Bell Motel's Bishop's Palace Revisited. This was an easy find and after stamping in we walked around the building and took some pictures - we opted not to go in for a tour. By this time we were a little hungry and we stopped for a bite to eat and to sit and relax. We ate at a restaurant near the sea wall. We had a pretty good view of the gulf and a great meal. After dinner we decided to try for a few more boxes before calling it a day. We stopped at Old City Cemetery and found Boots Tex's Prince John and Lone Star Quilter's By the Bay - Quilt Block Series: Creepy Crab. We enjoyed walking around this cemetery and found some neat headstones. On the way back to the hotel we attempted to find Triple XXX Root Beer and Craning for Water but we came up empty handed on both.

So we decided to call it a day and drove back to the hotel and got settled in for the night. It was a great day of letterboxing - I always enjoy letterboxing in Texas - thanks to all the letterboxers who have planted the wonderful stamps that I had the pleasure of finding.

Friday, May 11, 2012

Letterboxing the Day Away in Albuquerque

About a week ago I put together a list of boxes in Albuquerque that I needed to find and decided that when my crazy work schedule let up I would head out and find them.
Apache Plume
So last night I got everything together and made a list and a driving plan for this morning. I didn't leave Santa Fe until around 8:00am and that was perfect because I missed all the traffic. My first stop was at the library and veteran memorial in Rio Rancho. Here I found Patriotic (and Water-Wise too!). This was a great place. Very relaxing and a good way to start the day. I sat and stamped in while enjoying the peace and quiet and the gardens. After rehiding the box I left Rio Rancho and made my way to Albuquerque and more specific to Trader Joe's. Here I found "Two Buck Chuck". I had to be a little careful here because it was at a very busy intersection. But I got the box and found a little spot where I was hidden from view where I could stamp in. When I was done I waited until the coast was clear and then put the box in place and headed for the car.

My next stop was a small little neighborhood park. There were only a couple of people around but they weren't any where near the box so it was not too much of a worry about someone seeing me. I did have a little difficulty finding the box - only because it was camouflaged pretty good and blended in with its hiding spot really well. I found a nice shady spot to sit and stamp in. The box is Birds of a Feather #1: Hootenanny. I really liked this carving and box. Time to move on. I had plans to stop by the zoo but when I arrived the place was packed and I mean packed. I drove around the parking lot for almost 15 minutes before I decided that if the parking was this bad the place had to be a nightmare. So I scratched that one and headed for the next box.
Rio Grande Nature Center Trail

I found this next box at the Rio Grande Nature Center (well actually in the bosque near the river). This box is called Motivation and was planted by a woman who recently insulted me and then when I tried to defend myself she called me rude. When the box was first planted a friend told me about it but I couldn't see it because I had been restricted. I didn't worry about it and decided if this woman didn't want me looking for her boxes that was fine. About a week later the box became available to me. I figured that she had lifted the restriction and now I could see it. I also noted that someone had found the box. The woman in question wrote to me after she saw that I had found a box in Albuquerque at the beginning of April. She wrote to accuse me of taking the box. She had tried to find the box the day before me but was unsuccessful. She returned to find the box the next day but I had already been there. She stated that she had wanted to be the first finder but unfortunately I had beaten her. Her reaction to that was that I went sometime before and took the box with me and then returned it days later thus making it unfindable for her. So I figure that since now I have access to the clues she had restricted me so that I couldn't be the first finder - which doesn't matter one way or the other to me. I don't ever go out to find a box just so I can be the first finder, I go out when I have the time. Anyway I found the box, it is an okay carve but very obvious. The SPOR was huge and can be spotted from the trail so I knew just where to go. In fact I didn't even follow the clues. As I was walking the trail to the river I looked to my right and saw the big pile of rocks next to a tree. I just walked over and found the box. I stamped in and then replaced the box and headed back to the Nature Center to walk around and enjoy the gardens. Now it was time to head out to the next box. This was at Tom Bolack Park and I was looking for Luciana. The park was completely empty and I could take my time looking for the box. Not that I needed it - this was and easy find and I took the box back to a bench to stamp in. The weather was perfect and I enjoyed sitting and stamping in. After putting the box back in place and returned to my car.

I was done in Albuquerque and decided to head out to Tijeras. I had time to go for another box placed on Cedro Peak. I exited I40 and took NM337 south to the turn for Juan Tomas Road. I then made my way to the Cedro Campground and parked. I was going on a search for Xeric Vertex by Wronghat. The clues stated that you could either hike or drive. I decided to hike but the clues also said the trail was a little sketchy. But I started my way up.
Tower at Cedro Peak
Now let me tell you that the weather all day had been extremely beautiful but now that I was heading up to some towers on a hill in the middle of nowhere without any other human life in sight it decided to change. Clouds started moving in and getting dark and the wind picked up. But I was almost at the top so I continued on. I was having a little trouble with the trail but came to a road and followed it up to the top. When I got there I got a phone call from Thomas so I talked to him and told him where I was and that the weather was looking bad. I told him I would find the box quickly and head back down to the car and I would call him from there. I followed the clues and found the box. I stamped in quickly and rehid the box. As I was doing this I felt a few rain drops. I quickly looked at the views and then made my way down the road again moving pretty fast. I found the trail I started on and followed it. I was almost at the bottom when I got a scare. It started thundering and I freaked out worrying about lightning. But I kept on course, got to the trail head and crossed the road. I threw my things in the passenger seat and then got in and slammed the door just as another thunder reverberated in the canyon. I started the car (I guess just to let myself know it would start) and then I called Thomas to let him know I was in the car and heading out of the campground. Before I reached NM337 the rain started and I was really glad I wasn't still on the top of Cedro Peak. From here I headed to Tijeras and the Cedar Crest. I stopped here to fill the car with gas and get some water and a snack for the drive home down NM14. The rain stopped but the sky was overcast and dark. But I enjoyed my drive home - I always love traveling the Turquoise Trail.

I had a great day letterboxing in Albuquerque and found some nice boxes. I just wish I could have spent a little more time at Cedro Peak enjoying the views. Well maybe I will make a trip up there again soon.

Thursday, May 10, 2012

A New Mystery in Santa Fe

A couple of weeks ago a new box was placed in Santa Fe. It was a bit of a mystery but I think for the locals in Santa Fe it was pretty easy to find. The box is called Delilah's Den. The clue was a little poem with only four lines. I knew right away where the box was hidden.
But unfortunately I wasn't able to go right away. But today I was running errands and made the stop for the box. As I approached the area where I thought the box was there was a sign on the window stating that Delilah had passed away on April 26. This made me a little sad because every time I visited this place I made it a point to visit Delilah. Anyway, I found the box and sat and stamped in. While I was doing my thing a woman approached me and introduced herself as Meg. We talked letterboxing for a little while and then I put the stamp and logbook back in their hiding spot. I had a nice time looking for this box but will miss Delilah. At least I have a momento.
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