This blog chronicles my letterboxing adventures. It includes posts that share my travels that are letterboxing related, the letterboxes I have found and planted as well as the people I have met along the way. There are also photos included to help give a complete picture of the fun I had.

Sunday, March 30, 2008

A Perfect Day for Letterboxing

Early this morning Thomas left for Oklahoma City for work. So I decided (since I was awake) that I would go to Albuquerque for a little letterboxing. I had plans to replant 5 boxes that I had pulled last year and to hunt for 8 boxes that had been hidden this year. It was a little chilly when I left Santa Fe so I wore a light jacket but by the time I reached Albuquerque it had warmed up and I didn't need the jacket anymore. The day turned out perfect. It was just the right temperature with only a little breeze. I couldn't have planned it any better.

My first stop was UNM, I needed to replant my Koi Fish box. Sunday morning is a great time to go to this spot. Not a single soul in sight - so it was easy to hide. I put it back in the same exact spot so I didn't need to change the clues. I next went to Urban Forest Park to rehide that box. Again, no one in sight - an easy hide and also in the same spot. So on to my first find. This box was hidden at Los Altos Skate Park and the stamp was carved by a 7 year old. I thought it was pretty darn good for a 7 year old. Once it was rehidden I drove to Carnuel off of I40. I parked at the trailhead for the Three Gun Springs Trail. Once I reached the wilderness boundary I took the Hawk Watch Trail. It was quite a hike. Probably one and a half miles one way and quite a lot of elevation. But it was worth it! I hiked to the box and found it easily enough. This box is one in a series of eight that are being planted by Girl Scouts as they work toward their Bronze Award. I got to see a hawk while stamping in but unfortunately I wasn't fast enough with the camera. I rehid the box and made my way back down the trail. The views were terrific and I really enjoyed this hike. Embudo Canyon was my next destination. This was a much shorter hike and an easy find. This box was planted by Hez, Grumpy and Mona when they visited the state in early March.

By this time I was getting hungry so I made a quick stop for a little lunch and some much needed water. I drank all that I had on the Hawk Watch Trail. After eating, filling the car with gas and getting some bottled water I went a little further up Tramway and turned on Montgomery and made my way up to the Embudito Canyon Trailhead. Here I was looking for two boxes. These were also planted by the Girl Scouts. The first box was just a little ways up the trail but then I had to do a little rock scrambling to actually get to the box. I found the box and stamped in - I also made sure to get some information from the logbook so I could find the second box. Once the box was back in place I headed to the trail that was mention in the logbook and then followed the clues for the box. Another easy find - and a great little hike. I really enjoyed this spot. The box was hidden under an oak tree and I got to stamp in the shade. There was also a small waterfall nearby. Okay, now I was going to rehide my Los Vaqueros box. So I made a quick stop at Elena Gallegos Park and put the box in the exact spot it was in before. Leaving the park I checked the time and realized I had enough time to head to Rio Grande Nature Center to find three more boxes that the Girl Scouts had planted. I had a little trouble finding a parking spot at the nature center and worried that if there was that many people I would have trouble being discreet. My worries were unfounded. Once I hit the trails I realized there weren't that many people around and I didn't have any trouble. I found all three boxes without any problems and enjoyed the warm day just walking around the bosque. There were a few birds hanging around - mostly ducks and geese.

Okay now, enough is enough, right. Even with letterboxing you have to call it a day sometimes. I decided to not worry about replanting my other two boxes. So I am home now and am enjoying my memories of the day!

Saturday, March 22, 2008

Letterboxing is Always in Style!

A new letterbox was planted in Santa Fe yesterday - I noticed it the minute I signed on to AQ. So I printed out the clues and hoped to get the box today. Unfortunately I had to work and then had plans after work so I wasn't sure if I could go and find it. But then the solution came to me.

The box is called One of Three or Always in Style by rubberpeace and rbrhorno. It is a little bit of a mystery - but living in Santa Fe and having been to this location a few times I figured it out pretty easily (or at least I hoped so). Since I was pretty sure I knew where to go I decided to leave for work a little early and try to find the box on my way to work. It was a good idea - I made it to the location and qucikly found the box right where I thought it was. It was another enjoyable letterbox from the rubber team (peace and horno). So I sat in my car and stamped in, rehid the box and then realized I had to head for work. Oh well, it was still a great way to start the day.

Thursday, March 06, 2008

The T.A.L.E. Ends

Astro D and I made it home from our trip to Texas for the Texas Treasures Letterboxing Event. We really had a good time. You can read all about our adventures by going to my A Tall T.A.L.E. blog and/or to Astro D's Toast Ranch Ramblings blog. You can enjoy the stories and pictures on both of our blogs and you can go to A Tall T.A.L.E. Slide Show for more pictures. Thanks to Silver Eagle and Baby Bear for hosting the event, Vickie and Tom for sharing their home in Austin, Melinda and Clark for spending time with us in Houston, Mrs. Grolla for allowing me to stay in her lovely home and of course to Astro D for sharing this adventure with me.
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