This blog chronicles my letterboxing adventures. It includes posts that share my travels that are letterboxing related, the letterboxes I have found and planted as well as the people I have met along the way. There are also photos included to help give a complete picture of the fun I had.

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

A Day at the Opera

Yesterday I had plans to go out and find three boxes in Santa Fe. But if you read yesterday's post about the cold, rainy, snowy, wet day we had you can understand why I only found one of the boxes. I decided to wait until we had a nicer day to find the other two. That day was today. It was a beautiful sunny day, albeit cold. I had a few errands to run and the first one on the list was the two letterboxes. I got all my things together and loaded the car. My destination was the Santa Fe Opera. Both boxes were hidden near the gate for the entrance to the Opera. The Opera is only open in the Summer so the entrance gates are usually closed and locked. So I found a little pull out to park and gathered the clues. I decided that I would find both boxes and take them back to the car to stamp in because with the snow and rain yesterday I knew I wouldn't find a spot to sit and stamp. I found both boxes and made my way back to the car. The boxes are Kanji Series #3: Music by BirchMoon and Santa Fe Opera by ArnoldZiffel. I was the first finder for both boxes. I stamped in while enjoying the warmth of the car. Both stamps were nice and I even got a first finder magnet for the Santa Fe Opera box. I really enjoyed finding these boxes and it was a great way to start my errands. Thanks BirchMoon and ArnoldZiffel.

Monday, January 16, 2012

Holiday Letterboxing

Today was the holiday for Martin Luther King, Jr.'s birthday so that means the employees who work for the State of New Mexico had the day off. You may be thinking why is he writing about this. Well, a new letterbox popped up planted near the State Capitol and I thought today would be a great day to go and find it. But as it turned out it was a cold, rainy, snowy, wet mess out today. But that's no problem for a letterboxer. I parked very near the box and while in the car I read the clues. I spotted the hiding area and hoped that they were correct and I was reading them right. So when the rain slacked a little I ran out and reached in and grabbed the box and brought it back to the car. It was a nice box by BirchMoon - Song of Ice and Fire: House Lannister. So I sat in my warm, dry car and stamped in. When I was done it was raining a little harder, so I put all my letterboxing things back in my bag and waited a little while. The rain slowed and I made a mad dash to rehide the box. It was a quick and easy find and perfect for a cold, rainy day in Santa Fe.

Friday, January 06, 2012

Celebrating 100 Years and Moms

Today I had lunch with Astro D - just a little get together to visit and make some plans for upcoming letterboxing adventures. Eventually you will hear all about them right here at The Lion's Game. Anyway, after a great lunch and visit I went out and planted a couple of letterboxes. It has been a while since I planted a box and it was nice to get out and do that again.

My first stop is a bit of a mystery. Today marks the 100th birthday of New Mexico Statehood and to celebrate I planted New Mexico Centennial letterbox. I have been working on this one for about a month now. I had the image and knew that I wanted to get it planted today. But finding the time to carve it proved to be a challenge - but I got it done. Then I had to find just the right place to hide it. I had thought of several options but nothing seemed right. Then just the other day I ended up going out and checking a place and I had a good feeling about it. I did get it planted and I think it will work out. So check out the clues and have fun celebrating New Mexico's birthday.

After that box was in place and I had the clues written down I headed to Canyon Road to find a spot for the next box. That box is called Goodbye MOM. I haven't added the clues yet because I want Astro D and rubberpeace to get the box first (since it is in memory of their Moms). The box is actually a memorial to Astro D's Mom who passed away in November. As I was putting the box together I was constantly thinking of my Mom as well (she passed away 20 years ago) and then that got me thinking of rubberpeace and her Mom (who passed away several years ago). So this box is now in place on Canyon Road in Santa Fe. As soon as Astro D and rubberpeace have found it I will update the box information at Atlas Quest.

I had a great time today visiting with Astro D and planting letterboxes. And I am planning some letterboxing adventures for the upcoming months - I will keep you posted.
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