This blog chronicles my letterboxing adventures. It includes posts that share my travels that are letterboxing related, the letterboxes I have found and planted as well as the people I have met along the way. There are also photos included to help give a complete picture of the fun I had.

Saturday, May 24, 2008

A Planting We Will Go

Well today is International Plant a Letterbox Day. So what do you think I did - I planted two letterboxes. I started planning these two boxes about a week ago. One of them I had started carving months ago but never finished because of work and some home renovation projects. I decided that this would be perfect to finish and plant today. The other was kind of a spur of the moment sort of thing - I just wanted to plant more than one letterbox today.

Both of these boxes are now planted on Hyde Park Road. One on the Chamisa Trail and the other across the road in a little secluded wooded area. I am very happy with the carvings and placement of both these boxes.

One of the boxes is very special - I placed it as a thank you to Astro D for teaching me how to marble paper. This box is called The Art of Ebrû. The logbook is made from paper that Astro D and I marbled together. The other box is in honor of my favorite comic strip characters. Calvin and Hobbes - I love Calvin's imagination and who couldn't use a fuzzy little tiger as a best friend. So if you are a fan of Calvin and Hobbes or if you would like a couple of good friends make plans to find A Boy and His Tiger.

Monday, May 12, 2008

A Mini Meet in Albuquerque

Today Astro D, rubberpeace and I had plans to meet with Triple T & SHH in Albuquerque as they make there way on a 6200 mile Field Trip. We made sure to also invite Twinville Trekkers in order to complete the list of northern NM boxers.

The morning started out early for me. I wanted to get to Albuquerque before the morning traffic got too heavy. My mission was to find the Rattlesnake Box that I missed on my last trip due to too much traffic in the area. For more on that story go to Bittersweet Letterboxing. Well it worked - there was no traffic and I was able to get the box without anyone seeing me. My next stop was to be at a section of the Petroglyph National Monument. I had some time so I thought I would go for a short hike. But alas, it wasn't to happen. I was too early and by the time the gate would be open I wouldn't have the time for a hike since I was meeting all these wonderful boxers for coffee. So instead I went to the meeting place and had some breakfast and coffee and did a little reading until everyone else arrived. It wasn't long before Astro D and rubberpeace showed up. We chatted for a little bit and then Triple T & SHH arrived. Almost immediately the exchanges and stamping began. I received three exchanges, 15 personal travelers and two LTC's. Triple T and SHH had an amazing amount of stamps and all of them were fantastic carves. Cowgirl was also there and joined in the fun of stamping and talking. Twinville Trekkers (well not all the Twinville Trekkers - only Lisa and Jackson were able to make it) arrived and were quickly caught up in all the merriment. It was great fun meeting these letterboxers as they travel across the country and we appreciated them taking the time to stop and visit with us. Today they were headed for Carlsbad, NM and the caverns. So we said our goodbyes and wished them luck and safety on their trip. Astro D and rubberpeace also headed out to do a little letterboxing and Twinville Trekkers and I stayed a little while longer and talked about letterboxing in NM, AZ and UT. Eventually we left so that I could finish my plans for the day.

I wanted to replant two of my boxes that I had removed last year. So now BioPark and Black & White are in place. It was such a great day that I decided to spend some time at the BioPark and the Zoo. I walked around the BioPark and enjoyed the flowers and warm weather. After about an hour I was ready for the zoo. I had wanted to ride the train that goes between the two but it doesn't run on Mondays. So I drove over to the zoo and had a great time walking around. It was a nice day - not too crowded and the weather was perfect. And I was able to get some great pictures of the lion - he was spread out on a rock enjoying the sun. At about 3:00pm I was ready to go home. I have to say it was a pretty wonderful day.

Tuesday, May 06, 2008

A Day on the Trails

This morning I decided I needed to get out and get some fresh air. I decided to hike the Chamisa Trail. I have been putting in a lot of hours at work - it has been busy and the hospital is short handed - so I have taken more hours than I would normally take. I worked the past five days and today is my only day off and tomorrow I start another five day run. So I wanted to get out and do something.

There were already a few cars in the parking lot for the trailhead when I arrived. But there were no people to be seen. So I had the trail to myself. I took my time and paced my self slowly. I was in no rush - I literally had all day. It was an uneventful walk - no wild animals attacked, I didn't fall down an incline, I didn't even trip over a rock or log - I like it when it is like that. When I got to the saddle I encountered my first humans, they were headed back to the parking lot. We said hi and goodbye and I continued on my way to the creek. Once there I found a boulder next to the creek and just sat for a while. After about fifteen minutes I decided to check on my Western Blue Flag box. Everything was perfect - the poor lonely box has only had two visitors - it would like to see more. Hint!Hint! So then I went and sat in the meadow and took some pictures, relaxed and had a snack. I then thought that I should check on my other boxes that are in this same vicinity - well actually about a mile away. But it is a beautiful hike and so I headed up the Windsor Trail. I first checked on Ribbit! - no problems - he has had three visitors - and he would also like to see more. Once he was back in his hiding spot I continued up the Windsor Trail and checked on my Bad, Bad Black Sheep box. He was the winner for most visitors - he had four! I put him back in place and then returned to the meadow off the Borrego Trail. I sat for a while and then started my journey back to the Chamisa Trail. I am really glad I started early - I only saw two people on the way in - it was such a peaceful way to start the day. On the way out I encounterd eleven people at different points on the trail. I had a great hike and was glad that all my boxes survived the winter snow and freezes up in the mountains.

Thursday, May 01, 2008

Bittersweet Letterboxing

I decided I wanted to go to Albuquerque to do some letterboxing today. I picked a bad day! First I got stuck in traffic in Albuquerque, then I had to deal with a whole lot of wind and then there was a little incident. But let me go in order of the day.

I left Santa Fe and headed to Albuquerque and ended up stuck in the morning rush. Eventually I arrived at my destination. I wanted to look for a letterbox that I had attempted before. This box appears to be missing but I decided to try anyway. Unfortunately I came up empty handed - I think this is my last attempt - it wasn't a good start to the day. So I headed to the next location. I felt uncomfortable at this spot. The box was suppose to be located in the median of the road. First there was really no where to park and second there were cars coming by on a regular basis. So I pulled off to the side and read the clue. I then waited for the road to clear. I left the car and went to the median and looked for the box, I was having a difficult time finding it. I have to admit that I was nervous, cars kept passing by and I was right out in the open. Then I heard a horn - I looked up and there was a road up on a hill above the area I was in. There was a police car up there. So I returned to my car without the box and drove off. I went up the road and found a place to park and I walked around and took a few pictures. I then decided that I should just not worry about the box. So I got in the car and drove back down the road. When I passed the location where I had been, there was the police, looking in the area where I was looking - I hope the box is safe and still there - I feel horrible for not being a little more careful. This is the weirdest letterboxing situation I have been in. Time to head to the next spot on my list.

On Monday, May 12th Triple T's and SoHillHendersons will be in Albuquerque. Astro D, rubberpeace and I (and hopefully TwinvilleTrekkers) are meeting them for coffee and exchanges. They are staying at a hotel in Old Town, so I drove to that area to look for possible meeting places. Astro D had found a Starbucks located on Rio Grande Blvd. on the internet. So I went by and that does look like the best place to meet. Now I need to email TTT & SHH to see if that is okay with them.

Now half the day was gone and I still haven't found any letterboxes. The Green Girls have planted a series of letterboxes based on Birds. I had found all of them to date except for two that they planted on April 20th. I headed to the Piedras Marcadas part of the Petroglyph National Monument. The first box was just a little ways up the trail. I found it easily enough - it was a nice stamp and there was a bonus of a hitchhiker. In the logbook of the first box there was a clue letting you know where to go for the next box. So I walked up the trail and found the spot I needed and then followed the rest of the clues. I found this box easily enough. Surprisingly I wasn't the first finder of the first box but I was for the second box - not sure why the people didn't go to the second one - oh well. During the hunt for these two boxes the wind kept blowing - there was sand everywhere and I had to chase my clue sheet at one point and a couple of baggies at another. By the time I returned to the car my backpack and logbook were covered in sand and so was my hair.

I decided that the day was over. I headed for the Interstate and Santa Fe. I couldn't wait for a shower. All in all I think this may have been one of the worst letterboxing days I have ever had.
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