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Friday, March 09, 2018

A Quick Find in Santa Fe

Today I had a few errands to run and while I was out I added a couple of letterbox things to my list. My first letterbox stop was off of the Old Las Vegas Highway at Café Fina. Here I was looking for Fina of Santa Fe by Kit. I parked, read the clues and went on a short walk to find the box. It wasn't long before I had the box in hand and took it back to my car to stamp in. A nice carve and box and an easy find. Once I was done stamping in I returned the box to its hiding spot and then continued on with my day.

The next stop was on Canyon Road. My main reason here was to check on artTrekker's Artful Southwest series. Two of the three boxes are hidden on Canyon Road - Santa Fe Style and Little Pot. Artful Southwest was still in place but Little Pot was gone (along with the post it was hidden on). While on Canyon Road I also checked on my Goodbye MOM box. All is well with this one. I returned to my car and then drove to check on the third box for Artful Southwest - Cathedral Moon. This box is also missing. I then sent artTrekker a note which hopefully we help her to get them replaced when she visits Santa Fe over Easter.

Well, that's all the letterboxing I did today. It was nice to get out and find and check on boxes. And soon I will be in Arizona for their annual event - really looking forward to the event.

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