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Friday, June 22, 2018

Monumental Trip Comes to an End

Well, our trip to the Dakotas has come to an end and we are now home. We did a ridiculous amount of things. You can see our list of things we did and saw at Dakota Trip Stats. If you are interested in reading about our trip you can go to A Monumental Letterboxing Trip. This was our first trip to the Dakotas and there were three states I needed to find letterboxes in (North Dakota, South Dakota and Nebraska) to add to my letterboxing map. And we completed that quest - I can now add them to my map and now I only need three states (Virginia, West Virginia and Hawaii) to have letterboxed in all 50 states. This particular trip was amazing and I loved everywhere we went - this is an amazingly beautiful country and I so enjoy exploring it. Between everything we did I was able to find 35 letterboxes  on this trip and now I am 38 boxes shy of 5000 - another big letterboxing milestone.

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