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Monday, October 16, 2017

Homeward Bound

Well, today I headed home. I was up early, got packed, loaded the car and headed out. It was still dark when I left the hotel so I just enjoyed the lack of traffic and drove. I made my first stop at the New Mexico border at the 'Welcome' sign. Here I found Hello New Mexico by Jolly Mon. It was quick and easy and the box was back in place in no time and I continued on my way. My next stop was at the Manuelito Visitor Information Center. It was a bit chilly when I arrived so I sat in the car and read the clues and scoped the area out. When I felt I had found the right spot I got out of the car and headed to the tree in question. I searched for LBCA/New Mexico but didn't have any luck finding the box. So I returned to the car and got back on I40 and headed for Gallup. When I arrived in Gallup I drove to Red Rock Park. On the way I stopped and filled the car with gas before getting to the park. When I arrived at the park I was pleasantly surprised to find quite a few hot air balloons floating above the red rocks. I don't think there was any special event or anything because there wasn't any signs or admission fee or anything. I made my way to the Church Rock Trailhead to look for The Outlaw by Sunny Delight. Before I started looking for the box I took quite a few pictures of the balloons. Then I followed the clues and easily found the box. I found a great spot to sit and stamp in and I also got to enjoy the balloons at the same time. After replacing that box I drove to another area of the park to look for Red Rock Park Series: Rodeo! by CoVicars. Again, the box was easy to find and this time I took it back to the car to stamp in and again I got great views of the balloons. Then after I replaced the box I walked around a bit taking more pictures and after 15 minutes I left the park to continue my drive home.

I got on I40 and continued eastward. It wasn't long before I was making my next stop. This time at the Continental Divide. At this exit there is an abandoned and derelict gas station and Stuckey's. I stopped here to find It's All Downhill From Here by fleetwood7. I followed the clues which lead me to a pile of broken concrete and other debris. So I looked for the box where the clue stated but didn't find the box. So I decided to just search the area working away from where I started and eventually I found the box. I took it back to the car to stamp in. Once I was done I replaced the box exactly where I found it and the headed back to the interstate. After driving about another 30 miles I took exit 72 for Bluewater Village. I followed the clues for Bluewater Farms by ArnoldZiffel. The box is hidden near a historic marker for Bluewater Village. It was a quick and easy find and didn't take long to stamp in and then I was on my way.

When I got to Exit 81B I left the interstate and headed south on NM53. Along this road I had a few things to take care of. My first order of business was near the Continental Divide. I turned off of NM53 onto Zuni Canyon Road and almost immediately pulled off into a pullout and parked. Then I followed the clues and found Continental Divide - NM by Azroadie. The box was hidden near a large rock and that rock provided a great seat for me to sit and stamp in. Once I had the box in place I got back on NM53 and then drove to El Morro. I didn't actually go to El Morro but I stopped at the entrance sign and historic marker. I stopped here and I found a spot to hide my Alphabetical New Mexico: I (Inscription Rock). I spent some time making notes for the clues and then I continued on NM53 for one more box. My next stop was Candy Kitchen, NM at the Wild Spirit Wolf Sanctuary. I left NM53 and turned onto Indian Service Route 125 and then veered onto Indian Service Route 120 and parked in a parking area. Here I found Wolf's Paradise by Rookie Traveler. I have to say I was pretty disappointed with the box. The stamp was a little plastic bubble gum machine felt stamp of a paw print. Oh well, it is what it is. Once this box was back in place. I retraced my drive back to I40.

Instead of getting onto I40 I ended up crossing over it. I then took Santa Fe Ave. (Route 66), then First St. and made my way to NM547. Then I droveabout five miles to the Continental Divide Trail parking area. Following the clues I walked a short distance on the CDT to find Wanda's Wanda-rings: Continental Divide Trail - #2 The Logo by wandaandpete. The stamp in this box is a stamp I carved and sent to Wanda for an event she had in Rhode Island. She originally planted the box in Rhode Island and not all that long ago she relocated it to Grants. I enjoyed the area and sat for a while and stamped in. When I finally got the box back in its hiding spot I returned to my car. At this point I was done letterboxing for the day and I made my way back to I40 and continued my drive back home.

I had a great trip and found some great boxes. I always have fun when I visit Arizona and get some letterboxing done.

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