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Thursday, June 08, 2017

One Last Box in New York

Today is the last day of our trip - our flights home start early tomorrow morning. We decided to spend the day in the Buffalo area and there was one more letterbox I wanted to get before we left. The box I wanted was Whispering Giant #7 by BfloAnonChick and it is in Dunkirk a little south of Buffalo. So we took the drive (we had a disagreement with Google maps about which way to go - she wanted us to take the interstate and we wanted a more scenic route) along NY5 which for the most part followed Lake Erie. When we arrived in Dunkirk we made our way to Peter Wolf Toth's Whispering Giant #7. We found it in a little park right off the main road. The box is hidden across the road near a wooden fence in a tree. It was an easy find but I worried about people living in the houses nearby. I didn't see anyone so I hope things are okay. I stamped in while sitting in the car and then looked around to make sure no one was there before putting the box back in place. I am glad we took the time to drive to get this box. It was a relaxing and beautiful drive and I loved seeing the Whispering Giant. You can read about the rest of our day at Buffalo and Beyond.

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