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Friday, June 02, 2017

A Rest and A Box

Early this morning Thomas and I left Niagara Falls, Ontario and crossed the Rainbow Bridge back into the United States. Once back in New York we took I90 and drove across the state to Albany. Along the way we stopped at a Rest Area to find a box. The rest stops along I90 (aka New York State Thruway) are different than any other rest stops that I have encountered. They have bathrooms and tourist information like most rest stops but they also have stores or fast food places or kiosks and best of all they have gas stations. We stopped at Guilderland Rest Stop between Schenectady and Albany to look for I-90 Shades! by flat tire. The box is magnetic and is hidden on a metal box on a building near the gas station. It was a quick and easy find. I took it back to some tables so that I could stamp in. When I was done Thomas took the box and put it back in place. This was a nice break from our drive across New York and you can read all about our drive at Driving Across New York.

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