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Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Planting a Letterbox for PAL

Today is PAL (Plant a Letterbox) Day. This year's event was hosted by Wronghat and he logged it in as an event - Dozenth Annual International **PAL** (Plant a Letterbox) Day. I had noticed this a few weeks ago and I had been wanting to plant a box but kept putting things off and this event was just what I needed to get me moving.

I had already gathered an image and some information but I still had some things to do. First, I needed to carve the stamp. Second, I needed to find a place to plant this box. And third, I needed to make a logbook and put the box together. Then I would be ready to hide it. So I printed out the stamp image and gathered everything else I needed and got to work. Last week I went out and scouted two locations and then picked one. So now I knew where this box would be hidden.

I got the stamp carved and mounted, then cut the pages for the logbook. I made the covers for the logbook and then did the binding. Once I got started things just seemed to fall into place and before I knew it I had the box ready.

This morning I headed out to hide the box. I knew it would be quick and easy as I had already picked a spot and had it ready for the box. I planted this box on the Winsor Trail near Tesuque. This is the lower part of the Winsor Trail and is a beautiful area.
The trail is pretty easy compared to the sections at the end of Hyde Park Road. I like this trail because there are quite a lot of trees which makes for a shady and cool hike. It is also a gradual and easy climb. And the trail mostly follows Tesuque Creek and makes a few creek crossings. The hike from the parking area is a little over a mile and a half with an elevation gain of only 189 feet. I spent about an hour out on the trail. This included the hike, taking pictures, hiding the box and spending a little time sitting by the creek and enjoying the sound of flowing water.

The box I planted is Animal Crackers: Circus Wagon. I am actually very pleased with the way it turned out. I like the carve and I like the way I did the logbook but mostly I like where it is hidden. A relatively easy hike in a beautiful area with a relaxing flowing creek. I hope the finders enjoy getting the box as much as I enjoyed planting it.

Happy PAL Day to all the letterboxers out there!

Along the trail . . .

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